Home Shopping: the Cankles and Heartburn edition

I sit in the office, scatters of papers inscribed with random portions of lists I have made surround the computer. From the (dis)comfort of my office chair I seek the tools of the internet to make things a bit easier around here. See, I list. I rack up line item after line item of things that need to get done. I organize my life into bullet points scribbled in black pen on small bits of scrap paper. I obsess in my head over to-do’s and needs and stuff. Organizing it out seems like half the work to me, usually because it is accompanied by a fair amount of research or at least brain power. Because Brain Power seems to be the only thing working right now.

I have hit a wall, physically. Why I feel so much more burdened by the end of this pregnancy than I have the two prior is beyond me. Not to be a complainer, but I can barely move- my hips are aching, muscles sore, feet and knees swollen, haven’t been sleeping well, and I have the worst heartburn all night long. It is hard to put things in perspective, as this feels just so much more unbearable than the last two times. Only in the last three days have my feet and legs been swollen. With Araiya they were swollen from 30 weeks on and I had to buy a new pair of shoes 2 sizes bigger because I couldn’t fit my feet in anything other than flip-flops. So far I have gained 20 LESS pounds than each of the previous pregnancies, so you would think that would make things a little easier, right? Still, I’m ready to call it quits after sweeping half the living room and sit down in a pile of fatigue.

So I stare at my little bits of lists- stare at the things still needing to be checked off before this baby comes. Stare at my color-coded calender counting down the days to the bold red letters ‘EDD’ and all the deadlines I set for myself to accomplish in hopes of keeping myself busy in preparation. Many are done or nearly done. One big ones, written in green Sharpie has been looming- ‘Pack Hospital Bag’ – almost done and ‘Deep Clean House’ – also almost done, thanks mostly in part to the wonderful resource of the Internet (I have never purposefully packed a Hospital bag before, we went totally unprepared last two times). I Googled ideas for what to take with me and shopped online for many of the things I need. Online shopping has become the one resource I have so much appreciated in making these last few weeks a bit easier. I am now such a huge fan of online shopping now as with order after order I get to check things off my stacks of paper.

I can officially report I have become an Amazon Fresh junkie. We have made 3 more orders and even Matt has mulled over the hundreds of selections in the Beer category as we put together an order. I got snacks such as Cliff Nectar Bars and dried fruit for labor plus Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products because low and behold we were out of cleanser for the bathroom- click in the cart and delivered to my door. The Klean Kanteen’s we ordered one with a Sport Top, which I think I will really appreciate having. Plus our new Camera is in transit to Seattle from Adorama (whoo-hoo!) which I can’t wait to get. Then I saved myself a trip to REI and bought Nuun hydration tablets for a super good deal. Add to all that the random stuff we just bought at Amazon, such as Makita Drill Bits for Matt’s work on the deck (not really on MY list, but really needing to get done, none the less) taking advantage of Super-Saving FREE Shipping. And I can track all these packages that are set to arrive this week through Track the Pack, which aids a geography-challenged visual person like me to watch how close it is getting. I was also going to order the kid’s a long overdue promised kiddie pool for the new back deck from Target, but the one I want will be cheaper not paying shipping and just buy in store, so I am sucking it up and going tomorrow, enticing myself with the idea of hopefully picking up a sub-$20 summer dress (I’m sooo over waistbands right now) while I am there. Of course we could get a little out of hand buying stuff with sites like Retail-me-Not and SlickDeals it is far too easy to stumble upon so many other really good deals on non-essentials out there for things I could buy (hello, $14 StrideRite Toddler shoes at Amazon??)

I feel like such a consumer.. a very pregnant, very slow moving, internet-deal addicted Consumer. The flip side is it saved me trips to about 5 different stores and for sure saved money in finding coupons, deals and not paying tax, so I can save my complaining for lamenting how over being pregnant I am. Mostly I am encouraged that while the physical difficultly has been far more restricting and frustrating than I would like, I have been able to utilize other resources than depending on my physical ability to go out and do them. Plus, it is just a strong sign that the end is nearing and soon we will be past all this and have a brand new little bundle in our arms in the next 13 days.


~ by gdesign on August 6, 2008.

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