A million miles an hour

Today is a day of crazy energy. I am awaiting the inevitable crashing from last nights insomnia. It has yet to hit, which may in fact prove to be a good thing. Unless of course I go into labor tonight having expended my energy reserves.

I guess you would have to rewind to last night- Friday Date Night. We have launched a Babysitting Co-Op with some other families in our church who also live our neighboring community. Last night we dropped the kids off for three hours of playtime freedom. I was already exausted from my day, which involved an OB appointment followed by walking nearly two miles to meet back up with Matt and the kids. We headed out to Thai Tom’s, this little hole in the wall restaurant in the University District run by this hippy-rocker-chef. Rumor has it he used to be involved in all these rock bands and worked for his Parents at their Thai restaurant down the street. He had a falling out with them and started his own restaurant. It was only open when he decided to roll in and people would see him coming down the street and line up to eat. Now he has set hours, a few waitstaff, a line chef assistant and a guy washing dishes like a maniac. We have been here a few times before, and it is always worth it. This time we sat literally next to the huge 7-burner gas stove, which butted up to the short countertop literally right in front of my face. And there was Tom, a slight man wearing an oversized black t-shirt adorned with a huge pot leaf, shaking away at 5 or 6 Woks frantically scooping ladle-full’s of spices into the dishes he was preparing. The spice was the reason we were there. I went all out and ordered myself a 2-star wide-noodle and tofu plate and a Thai iced tea. Spicy enough to heat me up but not burn away the flavor of the noodles. From there we waddled back to the car and spent the remainder of our time sitting on a park bench in the Arboretum talking.

It was the one night this week we were able to head to bed early. And by early I mean before 11pm. We still managed to order our new camera before calling it a night. Then Tallis awoke at 1:30am and wouldn’t settle back down. For nearly 3 hours. Eventually Matt took her into the guest bed so I could rest. But I of course didn’t because I got up at 3:45am to eat and write that last blog post, crawling back into bed about 4:45am. Then Matt’s alarm went off at 5:15. Somewhere around 6 I dozed off, only to have Araiya come jump in bed with me followed by Tallis joining us so the girls could bounce in our mattress giggling hysterically, flailing legs in every direction. Matt enticed them off semi-comatose Mom with breakfast of Corn Flakes, toast and yogurt. I rolled myself out of bed around 8:30, when I could no longer lay there and had to pee to badly to put it off any longer.

Then the crazy energy hit. I straightened up the living room, having the kids help me take all their toys back into their rooms. I Swiffered the hardwood floors, vacuumed the rug. Then tore apart the girl’s room, organized toys, sorted through clothes that are quickly becoming too small. I even pulled Araiya’s bed out to clean under it, pulled the mattress off and cleaned all the dust and yuckies that had become stuck in it. The girls helped, going to town wiping surfaced down with baby wipes while I cleaned things off with Clorox wipes and Swiffered the floors in there. Next I moved on to our room, sweeping, dusting, sorting. I moved the bed over and set up the rocker and the cradle in anticipation of having a little one to put in it soon. Did 3 loads of laundry, including bedding, stuffed animals and all the single socks I randomly found in the toy bins. Now I have diapers in the washing machine. I ran out of Swiffer wet mops prior to getting to the kitchen and dining room, which have been left semi-disasters anyways due to the amount of dirt from the backyard that continues to filter in, coating all the surfaces.

Took a lunch break, during which the Blue Angel’s began their annual SeaFair performance, swooping low over our roof vibrating everything in the wake of the jet engines. We have never actually gone to SeaFair, as Araiya has been scared of the noisy planes. But this year she has taken quite a liking to them, enjoying the two days of practice we have seen them flying around Thursday and Friday. So we headed outside to watch, kids laughing and thoroughly enjoying watching the planes rip through the sky above our heads. Matt pounded away at the deck while the kids played in the large 9-cubic yard pile of pea gravel and rolled in the dirt of our very unfinished backyard. I moved rocks around, which I will likely regret later. We headed back inside around 4pm for a bath, snack and the arrival of our Amazon Fresh order.

Now Tallis is down for a very late nap and I, for the first time today, am sitting down. Perhaps this will all catch up to me here shortly. Or perhaps this is just that little burst of energy you are supposed to get before going into labor. Fingers crossed on that one.


~ by gdesign on August 2, 2008.

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