Weekend update

Ode to a crazy weekend.

* Finished the ‘Really Big Stuff’ in the backyard. All the excavation, the block walls, the rockery in the creek bed. All materials have been delivered and we had all the waste and junk hauled away. The transformation is amazing. The sheer amount of accomplishment blows me away. That leaves us, though with a long laundry list of things to do: Rebuilding the deck structure and resurfacing the deck remain the big items on the list. There is still a bit more drainage control to be done along the foundation wall before that can happen as well as some things to finish up in the dirt portion of the yard. Fingers are crossed that Matt doing most of this by himself will yield a deck (or a decent portion of) by the weekend. I haven’t bought a kiddie pool yet, much to the dismay of Araiya. I have been scouring over plant research on the internet as we need to get stuff in the ground to help keep the soil we have moved around to stay put (and dampen down the dust, which has migrated as a thin layer atop everything inside the house evading the Swiffer’s best efforts at cleanliness). I’ve been finding great information on Washington Native Plants and Gardening in Western Washington. I have an idea of what I would like to do, but need more information and specifics on exactly what plants to use and therefor what it would all look like.

* Had a Full House of people from Thursday until today. Matt’s Parents came to help with the yard project. His little Brother flew into Seattle to start his Pre-Deployment leave and was enlisted as free labor. My friend from High School, Cein, was on his way back from riding his Bike from San Francisco to Vancouver and crashed here while he explored Seattle. Then add in the handful of hired laborers we found via Craigslist, friends who came over to lend a hand, and the slew of delivery drivers coming in and out. Whew. It was a zoo (but in a good way).

* We ate out every meal except breakfast. So much for my Amazon Fresh order and my meticulous meal planning. I have to say it was really nice to not have to cook then clean up after it. At least we have everything in place to get us through this week and in addition all the great veggies from our CSA box, a good number from Matt’s Parents’ CSA box they brought over and fresh tomato’s from their garden, and not to forget the miscellaneous leftovers from Subway, Ezell’s Chicken and Kidd Valley Burgers. 

* Saturday night and Sunday we took a break from everything to enjoy the company of Guests and Family. Went out with Cein to Smith on a rare date night (highly recommend the grilled peach and arugala salad). Sunday we headed out to Brunch in Madison Park on a beautiful summer day to enjoy the lake, park and sunshine before Matt’s family headed East. The food was really really good.

[it goes downhill from there]

* On our way to said Brunch location, we stop at a crosswalk for a family to cross the street. The Civic stopped behind us gets rear ended by a Cadillac, causing a chain reaction and slamming the Civic into the bumper of our Subaru. Ouch, brand new Subie has an Owie. Luckily no one was hurt, though the Civic’s bumper was completely off having sustained the most damage by being squashed in the middle, the driver had to leave it behind on the side of the road. Our car and the Cadillac only have small cracks in the bumpers. Claims are filed, everyone involved is fine. Matt was having some soreness in his neck, as he looked up into the rear-view mirror when he heard the first impact, then got jolted with his neck cocked at an angle when we were hit. We are giving it a day before he goes in to the doctor. I am hoping it is just from tensing up from the impact which will resolve itself rather than true whiplash. Additionally, if he does go to the doctor, there will be an injury reported in the crash which will require us to replace both our brand new car seats. Thankfully that will all be covered by the Cadillac’s insurance and regardless I am going to have the seats inspected to ensure everything is okay.

* Matt’s Dad, as they were getting ready to leave, sat down in the chaise lounge and jammed his leg into a metal corner protrusion, deeply gouging his calf. He had to go to the ER and get 4 stitches.

* Philip, our basement tenant, came home from a weekend Windsurfing Trip to report he too had gotten in a car accident. While driving down to Oregon Friday night a moth flew in his face, he hit the center divider, rolled the car going 70mph into a ditch and walked away unhurt. His Subaru is totaled. 

* We had to scramble to leave Church in a hurry after Araiya had really bad diarrhea and pooped a little bit in her undies. Little girl was really embarrassed. We feared she was going to continue to be sick so rushed her home. Haven’t had any more since and she is acting fine today. Neither kid has been able to stay in Children’s Ministry recently without freaking out when Mom or Dad try to leave, so I have spent the last 4 weeks down there (I have volunteered there since the Campus launched), but that also means I have missed Big Church service 4 weeks in a row. Thankfully I was there when she had her accident so I could deal with it rather than another volunteer, which made her feel better (and it was really nasty). I have had intestinal problems off and on over the past week, but have been blaming it on the fact I have been consuming way too much Cow’s Milk (dang, those iced Mochas from Tougo’s are so good). With Araiya and now Matt having some issues too I am really hoping it isn’t some stomach bug we are all tossing around. I would hate for everyone to be sick when it is so nice outside and especially right before baby g.3 comes.

I think all of this serves as a big reminder that life happens. Yep, Life Happens. The ups, downs; good, bad and ugly. I can’t help but keep thinking over the course of this weekend, just roll with it. We will be sustained. Through it all there is still so much enjoyment and simply being content in where we are- there is really little accomplished in the worry, stress or frustration that could so easily arise out of all of these situations. Thankfully there is none of that here. I know and hope in the fact we will be taken care of and all these little bumps are so minor in the big scheme of things. 

[Additionally, I should note that I am in the process of upgrading our Digital Camera system, which will be really awesome. I decided to sell off a bunch of Film equipment I have (sad to part with it, but I just don’t have the resources to do it anymore) as well as selling our D100 to fund an upgrade purchase. I still have a bit of the 35mm pending sales, but I did sell the D100 on Saturday. So that means no more photography around here until the new Camera arrives. Cross your fingers for me and hope for good Craigslisting luck.]


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