Progress :: Day 5


Sick of this yet?

DSC_8444 DSC_8448

So so close! All the big infrastructure stuff is DONE! Now the rest will be far slower as we put finishing touches in- the stairs, plants, a garden. First all the junk and waste needs to disappear. Thank you Craigslist, which has provided many people coming over for free dirt and concrete chunks and also found us a cheap-o dump hauler. Next big thing is the Deck. Hopefully that can get started today as soon as all the waste gets moved out from under the old deck. The Cumaru Deck Boards arrived yesterday and are currently residing in our neighbor’s backyard, so those need to move soon.

DSC_8445 DSC_8447

The creek bed looks great. I can live with the puny rocks. You can’t see what it looks like anymore because we filled it up with 9 cubic yards of pea gravel, which will eventually get distributed around the rest of the yard, but we just needed a place to put it for now. I know, it will be slow going shoveling all that gravel out one scoop at a time…

And behind the creek bed is the garden area. We have some remaining soil that will get mounded up into intensive planting mounds. Again, one scoop at a time…


~ by gdesign on July 19, 2008.

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