Progress :: Day 4

DSC_8419 DSC_8421

Progress for sure! It certainly goes faster with help. The base block wall is completed, minus the capstones.

DSC_8428 (1)

The corners are set with Mortar Mix, to ensure they remain stable.

DSC_8426 (1) DSC_8429 (1)

The second level of block terracing is set and beginning to rise.

DSC_8413 (1)

And the Brian’s started in on the Creek Bed yesterday as well. This has been really exciting to see take shape. The one disappointment thus far has been the size of the rocks. We ordered what is referred to as “one-man’s”, which should have been largish boulders about the size your arms could hug with fingertips touching. These are a wee bit small. Well, some are really small. As in the size of a baseball. And yes, we paid for them. I was really hoping the rocks would look bigger in scale along the walls of the cut-out cove, but what can you do after 9-tons get dumped in your yard?? They still work fine and lucky for us we got the same rock-type as the stacked retaining rockery out front (which was done poorly with rocks that were too big and not keyed correctly), so we can simply use the smaller ones to fill in the large gaps in there.

DSC_8416 (1) DSC_8425 (1)

Mostly, I am amazed how nimbly this huge machine picks up each rock and places it just so atop the others. It was really cool to watch. Araiya was pretty stoked all day to sit in the back window and soak in all the action.

DSC_8415 (1)

Day 5 should hopefully be equally as productive. The goal is to get the Brian’s part of the work all done and get their machinery out, leaving us to finish up smaller details like the stairs and spreading pea gravel. Saturday we should begin putting the deck back on. I am very eager for that to happen and to be able to begin planting stuff in the garden. I’m impressed how the pace has picked up and it leaves me encouraged to see this project come to fruition.


~ by gdesign on July 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Progress :: Day 4”

  1. Hey Nat,
    Question for you: are you providing any kind of drainage at the terraced levels? We’re looking at taking on a similar project in our backyard, and drainage is a concern.

  2. Not long ago you said you were a bit jealous of the speed our project was going since we have someone else doing most of the work. Well, were approaching 4 months and still not moved in, though hopefully that changes next week. I’m a bit jealous at the speed your backyard is transforming. I’m looking forward to see the progress come Monday.

    I’m even more jealous that throughout all of this you have internet. At the best of times all I can do is steal the dial-up from my sister-in-law, and that is painful. Ah well, someday.

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