Progress :: Day 3


The wall is slowly rising. What a painstakingly precise and labor intensive process. And Matt has been going at this entirely by himself. Stack Block. Fill holes with gravel. Shovel drain rock backfill. One. Scoop. At. A. Time. Shovel down backfill. Rake. Level. Compact- back and forth. Lay out Geogrid. Next layer. And it looks really darn good.

DSC_8405 DSC_8407

There is a long way to go. Today he has two guys out there helping him. We need to catch up so we can get the Brian’s back in to excavate the next level of terracing for the second block wall and dig out the creek bed. Hope to report even more progress tomorrow!

DSC_8406 DSC_8403


~ by gdesign on July 17, 2008.

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