Getting on the Bandwagon

Ok, so I’m a conformist.


In the last few weeks, about 5 different people have gushed at how great Amazon Fresh is. How impressed they were with the quality of the produce, freshness of the meat, convenience of having groceries delivered to their house. I started thinking it might be a wise thing to start doing after the baby arrived, it would take a lot of pressure off to make grocery store trips regularly. Yesterday we were nearly totally out of staples. I have put off our usual Costco trip for several weeks now, had stuff for making dinner but was really lacking in lunch and snack items for me and the kids. Matt IM-ed asking what he could pick up at Pikes Place Market on his way home from his Downtown Office. Well, I have a list. A long list. I had just sat down to do meal planning for the next week– A week that included a weekend of having Matt’s Parents, Brother and a friend from High School here at our house starting today. A weekend of work parties for friends helping out with the backyard who will be in need of snacks and lemonade. Hungry kids in need of lunches and snacks for outings with said visitors. A bit more than Matt could conveniently grab at the Market. So why not try Amazon Fresh? And we did.

It was easy. I was impressed. The prices weren’t a whole lot different than what I pay at Safeway and Trader Joe’s, with the exception of usually buying mostly Safeway Club Card items, which do save a lot. Amazon has a lot of the items and brands we usually get too, as well as a large organic and local offering. The one notable oopsie on my part was the sugar I bought. We have been getting a huge Costco-sized bag of Organic Sugar and I tend to be pretty visual, associating size to cost- wow you get that big a package for that much? But don’t do too well associating things like ounces or grams or pounds with how it equates to how large the actual thing is. Combine that with looking at a picture in my browser and thinking, hey, that is the same sugar I get at Costco for the same price! then having an identical, yet much scaled down bag show up on my doorstep at 6am this morning that is about a quarter the amount of sugar as the Costco bag. Whoops. Lesson learned.

Yes, I could get used to this. Waking up and the magic fairies have taken care of all my grocery shopping, which usually rotates between a handful of different stores, all done and neatly packaged in crates on my front doorstep waiting for me. This method is appealing, maybe in part because deep down I am just lazy, looking for a cop-out that walking to the store is just too darn hard. But I like getting out for a walk. Heck, I need to. I like being immersed in the resources and amenities based in our community. And I think overall, I would be spending a bit less with my usual routine. I know I am paying for a convenience which, right now in this season, is probably worth it. I still think we will be visiting the local butcher we like down at the Market and our favorite sausage guy over on Madison. But Amazon is very nice for all the staples and basic bulk items that I would normally take the car to go and do with the exception of very large bulk items (like our usual case of Rice Milk is still far cheaper at Costco as is our 50lb bag of Organic Flour from Madison Market). Like I said, it is very convenient. 

The best perk about this whole endeavor, though, was at about 9:30 last night I thought that it would be really convenient to have Parchment Paper for when I make Char Siu Bao on Friday night. Normally that might have been an extra trip to the store for that one forgotten item, but I simply added it to the Amazon Fresh order, already placed and finalized hours earlier, and it showed up this morning. Now that is convenience.


~ by gdesign on July 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Getting on the Bandwagon”

  1. Cost-wise, though it might be a tad more expensive per item, I would guess in the long run it is a money saver. I think I read somewhere that people typically spend 10-20% more than they intended when going to a grocery store because of impulse buys…and I am so guilty of that. The unexpected crusty loaf of bread that smells so great, the pint of raspberries on sale, some yogurt raisins your two year-old can’t bear to live without at that moment…yes, I inevitably spend probably at least $10 more when I’m making a shopping trip. Not on bad things, just things unintended. So I’m thinking this intentional shopping could be a very, very good thing!

  2. […] can officially report I have become an Amazon Fresh junkie. We have made 3 more orders and even Matt has mulled over the hundreds of selections in the […]

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