Goodness, greeness


Yesterday ended up having an unplanned lime green theme. Can’t really explain why this happens, it’s not the first time (or second or even third). Whatever it was that contributed to this undercurrent made for an interesting day, which was a very good thing. The original plan was to go to the beach, but man I am bad at picking beach days- two out of three planned beach days have been canceled because the morning weather randomly turns far too cold and overcast to go frolic at the lake. Due to this pattern maybe I need to learn not to announce the night before we are going to the beach in the morning. Araiya complained all day , repeatedly begging to go to the beach. So we improvised. Sorta. We made little sailboats which we floated around in a few inches of water inside the very bright lime green TubTrug.


This was a fun little craft I stole from my friend, Karin. Very age appropriate for Araiya, but a bit beyond Tallis still, as she simply wanted to take the lid on and off the glue and chew on the corks. Regardless, they were both entertained for the majority of the morning making and sailing their boats. I would caution, however, the synthetic corks are far harder to cut in half with a steak knife and I came very close to slicing off the fleshy pad of a finger. [quick how-to: cut wine corks in half, stab toothpick into center of cut top, draw an equilateral triangle on paper, have kids color in their ‘sails’, cut out and fold in half, gluing onto toothpick, float in water] The only downside is when the paper gets wet, but good excuse to color new sails and keep craft-time going.


During naptime came Adult Craft time. I made another Kimono Wrap top for baby g.3, this one a very lightweight soft white cotton edged in a small patterned lime. This was a really quick and easy sew, the pattern tutorial came from HERE. It was nice to take a small departure from the usual Ottobre fare to try out something new. This was the 0-6mo size and surely it would be fitting Tallis now, so perhaps I will go back and modify the pattern smaller in anticipation of my typically itty-bitty girls. Beyond this lime green theme, I also have realized I have fallen into a small pattern theme as this green fabric is very akin to the purple I have been using for baby g.3. I dig the small, simple, clean. This green just fits that.



~ by gdesign on July 11, 2008.

One Response to “Goodness, greeness”

  1. It’s adorable, looks nice and light. I started a photo Flickr group for Kimono photos…..please feel free to add yours!

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