Willfully Sweet


She’s at an age where she has an opinion. On just about everything. She is well aware of her desires and will and she wishes to exert them. She knows what she wants and wants to choose. It used to be that getting something, anything, was rewarding enough. In those days I got to exert my will on her behalf. Like today in Cupcake Royal, it used to go something along the lines of: Oh, would you like a cupcake? We can get a cupcake to share. How ’bout that ‘Death by Triple Chocolate’ one? Ok. and She’d be tickled silly. Now Mommy’s Will must move aside for Araiya’s Will. Araiya wants the Vanilla one. With Pink Frosting. And very, very specifically the one right there in the middle with The Blue Flower. Yes that One. (Sadly that One didn’t last long enough to make it into the photo shoot for obvious reasons)

Yes, that right there is a Mother’s love for her child in action. Mommy has foregone her deep desire for deeply rich Chocolate cupcake (the only choice) in lieu of allowing Araiya to choose her Pink cupcake (which was shared by her, Tallis and myself). Tallis beamed happiness- Sugar! Frosting! Because she is at the stage where absolutely any cupcake would have been fine and dandy. Araiya too beamed sweetened happiness, but was more tickled that is was Pink! and had a Blue Flower! Because I guess that matters more now than the fact that she was consuming Buttercream Frosting. Yea, it was a good Cupcake. The blow was softened a bit by the fact I also purchased a dozen mini cupcakes for a Party I am going to tonight, so all in all, I will have my Chocolate-Chocolate-Chocolate in the end.


But just wait until I have three little girls, fingers and faces pressed against the glass, each pointing at a different cupcake in the display case- Mommy, mommy I want THAT one! and I will find myself forced into purchasing them Three separate cupcakes. When that day comes, I will have a more justified reason to get a Fourth-my very own Death by Triple Chocolate One.


~ by gdesign on July 5, 2008.

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