Araiya is my little fashionista, constantly on the move, constantly changing activities and clothes faster than I can keep tabs on her, suddenly appearing partially clothed or in new clothes completely within a few seconds flat. Yes, there is a fair amount of frustration on my part when she endlessly is stripping off clothing, discarding it all over the house and changing varying parts of her attire, often times in exchange for randomly obscure apparel. Lately she has been stealing my tank tops as ‘dresses’ and finding items that really aren’t intended to be worn as she adorns herself. I simply can’t keep up.


Outfit number 2 of the day yesterday. It actually looks pretty coordinated. Except that sweet black mini-skirt is a fleece neck warmer we use for skiing. And the white blouse is on backwards. And the hat is Matt’s Outdoor Research Cycling cap. The Mardi Gras beads are a nice touch, huh?


She has been begging for skirts recently. Begging to wear them every day. Currently she only has 2 skirts that fit her appropriately enough to wear in public. So I told her I would make her some new skirts, this is the first, equating to outfit number 4 yesterday. Simple drawstring waist made of cotton Ikea fabric. It took about 20 minutes to whip up. She loves it so much she actually wore it for the duration of the day yesterday. Paired with black leggings and a mustard yellow shirt from Cotton Caboodle. Not a bad combo.

Additionally I have a stack of fabrics in the sewing room awaiting their transformation into more skirts. In the hour we have been home from the coffee shop and hanging out with friends, we have had a meltdown over me not making her another skirt right away (needed to eat lunch first) and she has stolen a white tank top of mine out of the pile of clean clothes in my room bringing our number of outfits for today to 3.


~ by gdesign on July 4, 2008.

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