Baby g.3 crafting


Slowly I have been able to get in a little bit of sewing time recently, which has served as a bit of therapeutic creative retreat for me. The above is a pattern from Ottobre– a newborn Kimono wrap made of soft white knit (recycled from an ill-fitting shirt of mine) trimmed in the purple Japanese fabric I purchased for the Cradle Bedding. It is still awaiting snap closures and, of course, Baby g.3 to be wrapped in it’s enfolding softness.

DSC_8305 DSC_8306

I also got motivated yesterday to make myself a nursing cover. Yes, three kids into this and I have never thought to get one. This was a very easy and quick project, far easier and cheaper than paying $40. I found the tutorial here, although I will admit I did some creative reclaimed material substitutions for the fastener ring on the neck strap (found this black buckle on the floor of the sewing room when cleaning up the other day) and the boning (strips of thick plastic packaging I cut down with an Olfa blade). Guess I should call that Adaptive Reuse. Also, I added a small corner pocket to store nursing pads, because I always loose those things in the time it takes the baby to eat then embarrass whomever finds it for me. This pretty much uses up the remainder of this awesome purple fabric, save a 5″ x 20″ scrap. Perhaps I am getting too matchy-matchy? Might have to make another one out of something different just to change it  up ever once in a while.



~ by gdesign on July 3, 2008.

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