Snippets of the weekend


Friday :: Cruised down to the MadCap Farmer’s Market to pick up our CSA Box from Oxbow Farms, filled with a plethora of greens and wonderfully freshly picked veggies. They also still had Tomato Starts, which we thought we had missed out on for this season because of our little hospital stay. So we ended up cruising into the neighboring Grocery Outlet to get some cash. We were wowed by the really cheap prices and ended up walking out of there with a random assortment of bread, Hershey’s Chocolate, Annie’s organic cereal and beer. Despite the amazement of how cheap things were (the organic shampoo I buy the kids was like half the price I pay at our local Co-op) the most notable purchase was the beer. We found SLO Brew Amber Ale, a small local Brewery from our little college town on the Central Coast of California, where we used to go drink pitchers and play Pool. Now even my parent’s can’t get SLO Brew anymore in Northern California since they scaled back there brewery operations several years ago, so we were pretty floored to stumble across it up here in Seattle, and at the Grocery Outlet, none the less. But wait, this is the best part: it was $3.99 a 6-pack. Yes, total score. Matt says he has plans to go back and “clean them out.”


Then to top off our little shopping spree, the guys at the Oxbow Farms stand gave us the Tomato plants. Now they are happily soaking up sun potted in the front yard. Weighed down with our extra hoards of bargains, Araiya passed out in the stroller, we trudged the mile or so home to Barbeque and use the Hershey’s for Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas. For me, summer often revolves around eating, can you tell?

dsc_8157 dsc_8159

Saturday :: Headed South to a particular 3 year old’s Rocket Birthday Party, hanging out in the cool shade visiting while the kids played and ate Birthday sweets. Hard to tear ourselves away from good company and good friends, but we headed home for late naps, more deck and yard demo and dinner. Both days of the weekend we got above 80 degrees, which is so wonderfully warm. Except when you live in a house that doesn’t have insulation in the half of the house which bakes in the direct late afternoon sun as heat radiates and becomes trapped, sweltering and stagnant inside which makes for a miserable Mama who is suddenly painfully aware of her advancing state of pregnancy. Needless to say Saturday night I didn’t sleep very well, waking several times then finally around 3:30 couldn’t fall back asleep and eventually just got up about 5am.

Sunday :: Our usual Downtown excursion to go to Church, followed by a smoothie and snack at a nearby coffee shop. Home in time for naps, myself included, until we all became too hot in the house and were forced to escape. Tossing the kids into their swimsuits, we walked down the street to a nearby park with a splash fountain to cool off. What a welcome relief. Of course there were about 30 other kids who had the same idea we did, most of them older and rougher in their play, which was a bit intimidating to the girls. None the less, we all got plenty wet and headed back to our Oven for dinner and bedtime. We did end up turning on a large fan we had in the crawl space from when the basement flooded to at least move the air inside, which was a bit of a welcome relief last night. Today the plan is to get out of the house both before and after naps just to escape the heat build up. This is when I am beginning to lament the fact we currently have no useable outdoor space to migrate to in the afternoons. The shade of the fruit trees or a kiddie pool on a deck would be perfect for these summer afternoons. Soon enough, I guess.


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