Life with a Toddler :: Day 1037

Araiya this morning, as I am making her breakfast, notices her goodie bag from a recent Birthday Party in the upper cabinet of the pantry next to the Rice Milk.

“Oh, my CANDY. Want some CANDY? Mommy, I has some CANDY? It’s after Dinner, I have my CANDY now?”

Me: “No, sweetie, it’s morning time. No candy.”

Araiya, unfazed: “Oh, but Mom, I sleep all night. I go poop on the big potty and got all the liquids out of my body and I have some CANDY now? Yea, do that?”

Me, bits of cereal spurting out of my mouth as I attempt to stifle cracking up.

Araiya: “Mommy, why you laughing?”


~ by gdesign on June 30, 2008.

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