Soaked Intentions


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Intentions seem to rarely come to fruition exactly as originally laid out. Today was intended to be a beach day. We had the plan, the friends, the gear all lined up and ready to go. But Seattle Weather pulled a, well, typical Seattle move. We awoke to gray cold, overcast and blistery. Not a beach day. Instead we improvised and headed somewhere which was intended to be a big drier- the University Village to meet some friends at the playground and run some errands. Errands were a bust, we bought nothing but lunch when our outing began to infringe on nap time. Then on our way out, World Wraps Teriyaki lunch in hand, we came across this fountain with brass turtles and frogs alternately squirting water out their mouths.  


So we sat by the fountain and ate, why not? It was beginning to be a nicer day, I figured they would watch a bit and might put their hands in the little streams of water coming out of the frogs and turtle’s mouths. Then watching turned into touching. Touching to splashing. Splashing to full emersion. First it was only Araiya. Then Tallis squirmed to be released from the clutches of the stroller.

dsc_8229 dsc_8230


Why the heck not? They were laughing and giggling so hard, having a total blast. It was fun to watch. Really, I didn’t care their clothes were getting a little wet, or even a lot wet. What is a little water? But other kids walked by, their parents anxiously grabbing their hands a bit tighter, fearful seeing what my kids were doing might promote their kids to do the same. There were even a few overheard don’t you go near there commands. Yes, I am that parent. The parent who lets my kids, fully clothed, get soaking wet in a little water fountain in the middle of an outdoor mall. The parent who doesn’t see what is wrong with getting a bit wet. The parent who likely makes other parents look overly uptight over a little water. Whoops. 


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So yes, we climbed in the car with a few extra pounds of water saturated in jeans and tee-shirts, arriving home to strip off those clothes over an hour into naptime, waking Tallis back up after she fell asleep for 20 minutes in the car, Araiya still gushing about playing with the ‘spitting froggies and turtles’. Then neither girl would go to sleep for our intended naps. Araiya often doesn’t nap, but even little Tallis, who most days is good for a 2 hour stretch of sleep, laid there spitefully sticking her tongue out at me, giggling deep in her belly not intending to comply and go to sleep. So now, several hours later, Araiya is oddly fast asleep and Tallis up playing in Araiya’s raincoat. Oh well. Like I said: Intentions rarely play out as planned.



~ by gdesign on June 26, 2008.

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