Patterned baldness


We painted these little wooden people as a craft at a party we were at not too long ago. Araiya has taken quite a liking to them, calling them her ‘little boy and little girl.’ Lately they have been carried around nearly everywhere with her, clutched in her hands or tucked away in a pocket. No surprise yesterday when one, followed by the second, came falling out of the washing machine after being overlooked in one such pocket prior to starting that load of laundry. All the details were pretty much intact, no damage except that the brown paint used for this craft apparently wasn’t as waterproof and permanent as the other colors. So now Araiya has two little wooden Bald people, one in a dress and one in jeans. She is quite distraught their hair is gone, telling me ‘I don’t want them bald’ after I had to explain to her three times the concept of baldness.


Still, she played with them constantly last night until bedtime, showing Tallis how they have no hair. Poor little boy and little girl. I know I have some brown acrylics in the crawl space in some art bin that now need to be dug out to restore their original do’s. In the mean time, they will just look pretty silly.



~ by gdesign on June 26, 2008.

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