Home, it feels so good. Unfortunately I spent Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon in the Hospital with a bad bought of completely random Asthmatic Exasperation. A very similar thing happened when I was pregnant with Araiya, though it developed more slowly, where I found myself out of the blue battling asthma, which I have never had before. Scary to find yourself suddenly completely out of breath and gasping for air, unable to draw a full breath and straining to expel air outwards, and landed me in the ER coupled with being days before my Senior Thesis project was due and again Sunday afternoon. This time the onset hit in less than 24 hours opposed to the better part of a week, reality hit after I nearly passed out sitting down in Church on Sunday and knew I needed to go to an urgent care. Typically I tend to try too hard taking care of things like this myself, I a resistant to doctors and seeking help, instead allowing myself to suffer until I have allowed things to become far too serious. Thankfully my previous experience taught me some prudence in this area, though I didn’t expect to be admitted for two nights. Again, this was wise, as the major concern was that baby g.3 was not getting enough oxygen because I could not breathe well enough for my blood to pick up enough oxygen saturation to carry to her. Additionally, my body was slow to respond to the treatments in the ER, it took until early Tuesday morning in Labor&Delivery for me to be able to keep my O-2 levels high enough by breathing on my own for them to feel comfortable to let me go home. So I got the whole gamut of treatments- breathing treatments, pills, steroid IV’s, x-ray, ultrasound, pokes, blood draws, fetal monitoring, and plenty of testing. They were concerned the baby might go into distress with all the stuff being given to me, but she did well the entire time, often kicking at the monitors pressed against my belly. While it was good to have some peace and solace to help me recover, I missed my girls something fierce. Their visits were my highlights, Araiya sitting on the bed telling me and the baby she loves us so much, kissing my tummy and feeling for the baby’s ankles. And being home is so wonderful. I have taken nice long afternoon naps in my own bed and laid pretty low playing with the kids. I am not 100% just yet and plan on taking the rest of the week going pretty slow. Very, very happy to be able to rest at home, surrounded by the familiarity of love from my family.


~ by gdesign on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Home”

  1. i am so glad you are home and safe! asthma is SO scary…

  2. Natalie –

    I’m glad to hear that you are healing and we will pray that you continue to recover quickly!


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