Making choices

I feel like I have been away from here for a while, I have been so infrequent in posting. The ball has been dropped on the Weekly Photo Challenge for the past two weeks. Whoopsie. Time to get back into the swing of things around here, press on and tie up that which has been left hanging from the last Plastics Purge post that has got quite a bit of traffic.

We did end up buying a non-plastic water bottle yesterday after going back and forth quite a bit after the last post on the perils of plastics. It really comes down to the fact that plastics are everywhere, inescapable so you are left choosing from what you can deduct to be the lesser of evils. While I would like to be completely done and rid ourselves of plastics completely, that is slightly unrealistic and impractical. The best list of products I found was over at the Z Recommends Store, for anyone else pondering the overwhelming and daunting task of sorting through the mess of seeking out safer products.


Yesterday we took a fun excursion Downtown with Matt’s Brother and his Girlfriend, ending up at REI. They had just gotten in the ‘Kolored’ Klean Kanteen line, which we had been leaning towards anyways. The conclusion to actually buy one became solidified by looking and feeling the actual product in comparison to (particularly) the Sigg bottles (which still have the issue of being aluminum with the unknowns of baked-on epoxy liners) they had on the display next to it. First, the Sigg kid’s bottles have a sport top, which I didn’t realize, so there is the advantage of the K.K.’s Sippy adapter for really young kids, despite the top being an Avent product. The Sippy top is made from pp#5 and supposedly** are non-leaching and toxin-free (back to the lesser of evils) and they come in packs of two when purchased as an accessory ensuring the likelihood you always have a clean one around. They also make a pp#5 sport top, which my kids could drink out of fine, I just know it would result in spills when they leave the top up and the canteen tips over. REI was out of the sport tops, so we are adventuring with the open-mouth for now.


Another big one was the wider mouth on the bottle. I realized the product had to be really practical, no special brushes to clean it out with and it really needed to be able to get tossed in the dishwasher. I just can’t realistically set myself up and force myself to constantly hand wash everything the kids use- plates, utensils, cups, bottles- they all have to be dishwasher safe. I had heard from several different people they had ended up with mold in the Sigg’s because the opening is so small, it is hard to clean it out effectively. Matt was convinced the Sigg was just far too small in comparison. Plus we really liked the new colors, the black is particularly awesome. REI only had the 27oz size, which is just a bit too big for my kids to handle at this point. Looking online this morning, there isn’t anywhere else that has the colored ones in any other sizes, if at all. Even the Klean Kanteen website still says ‘coming soon’ so I guess we are sitting tight until we can find the 12oz or 18oz colored ones (Araiya is asking for Pink) somewhere and all sharing the big one.

Also we cruised across the street to Tottini, Seattle’s only modern kid’s furnishing store and picked up a few sets of the Boon feeding products plates and utensils. Again, the less of the evils as they are still plastic, but the not-so-bad plastics and totally dishwasher safe (so they say). My alternative was getting some Stainless Steel personal Pizza cookware from a restaurant supply store, but these look a whole lot cooler. The kid’s love the little movable dip bowls and I like how the non-slip bottom sticks to the table preventing Tallis from sweeping her plate off the table. We are awaiting our snack balls to come in, I am pretty excited for those. 

**Of course, if you’re going to use plastic, #5 is “an okay one” – by definition it isn’t “known” to leach, but that it is hazardous to make since it is still a man-made polymer derived from a petroleum-base. BPA has been the focus of all the hype due to the link as a hormone disruptor noticed leaching out of plastics (#7 which many clear baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles are made from), has (thus far) not been caught leaching out of polypropylene. At it doesn’t contain the carcinogens like other types of plastic (such as #3 the plastic pre-wrapped sandwiches, baggies or #6 Styrofoam). I guess personally I have always doubted the complete and utter safety of consumer plastic products, perhaps having taken far too many gloom&doom, we must change the world now classes in college to fulfill my Sustainable Environment’s minor. In all reality, we should probably never be putting plastic in our mouths, heating up food in plastics or so completely immersing our lives in plastic products to the point they are now pretty inescapable. Regardless, it is pretty darn near impossible right now to find a feeding products exclusively made out of materials that are truly safe and fully known to not be made out of carcinogens or hormone disruptors or whatever. So I guess we are left to filter through finding what is currently dubbed safer, retaining the disclaimer nothing is 100%. Due to this we have chosen the route of finding the products that are mostly made out of a non-plastic material and/or have disclosed the most amount of information about the materials if the product is made out of the less bad stuff.


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