This was actually completed at the beginning of the week, getting me one step closer to completing the ongoing Ikea Cradle Project. My original hope was to refinish the cradle over the weekend, as we purchased paint on Saturday and were ready to go. But the weather hasn’t cooperated one bit. It has just been far too wet to be outside long enough to buff with the orbital sander, paint and let it dry for 2 hours between coats. Progress is delayed until it gets dry enough to do any more, which is a disappointing killer of motivation.


Regardless, I really love the fabric, which ended up being a bit more dusty-purple than the online photo suggested. The pairing between the crisp whites and geometrics on a solid field is boldly dynamic, something I didn’t quite expect to be so stark. The final result I am quite pleased with and think the additional dynamic of adding the solid lacquer gray and pine detailing we finally decided on for the crib will be a really cool final resultant. We just need to continue to progress towards finishing…



~ by gdesign on June 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Progress”

  1. I love it! Your corners are so tidy, I’m jealous. Corners always stump me.

  2. […] from an ill-fitting shirt of mine) trimmed in the purple Japanese fabric I purchased for the Cradle Bedding. It is still awaiting snap closures and, of course, Baby g.3 to be wrapped in it’s enfolding […]

  3. […] I wanted to photograph it and post it here as I never showed the finished results of the many steps of the Vintage Ikea Cradle project in it’s progress and […]

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