Ways of seeing


I often wonder, as I watch my kid’s turn some ordinary object into hours of fun playtime, how starkly I remember being a child, seeing the world and the objects around me in a completely different way. Unrestricted by the jading of adulthood and experience. Free in the unrestricted realms of my imagination.


I wonder if we loose that ability, or does it just become obscured as we grow in knowledge and the impressed bias of reality? Can we remove ourselves, revert ourselves, and see something once again through the eyes of a child?

dsc_8031 dsc_8026

Can we switch back and forth, like zooming into the micro then retreating to the macro, and appreciate something ordinary as something extra-ordinary? See the small details, the phenomenology found in light, texture, material as something beyond the perceived objectivity the thing would normally embody?

dsc_8025 dsc_8023

Can we explore the inherent qualities, much like a child, with a very basic tactile, up-close and hands on approach, devoid of the accepted normality which might be so easily misunderstood and overlooked? See beyond the comfort of allowing the object to remain as unassumingly uninteresting as we understand it as adults.


And how would that change our understanding and the overarching perception within us as to what the object really is?



~ by gdesign on June 4, 2008.

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