This happened to me. I found this article yesterday over at Daddytypes, it is from the NY Times entitled, After Cesarean’s, Some See Higher Insurance Cost. I am so glad to see this getting major media attention, it is something that needs to be addressed. I am still irked that insurance companies can get away with stuff like this. We began shopping for new insurance when our family premium shot up three times what we had been paying at the end of last year. Like in the article, we were hit with being denied coverage and paying extraordinary amounts out of pocket to even have coverage.

In one case, the company (one of the ones mentioned in the article) moved the whole family (not just me) from Tier 1 pay scale to Tier 3, meaning our health risk factors were similar to someone who had previously been diagnosed with a serious illness (like some types of cancer) that would increase the risk and costs to the insurance company. In all other regards besides the c-sections, there is no reason I should not have Tier 1 status- I’m twenty-something, never been a smoker, never had any serious health problems. I should be paying under $200 a month for full coverage. And furthermore no reason my husband and kids are any more risky to insure because I had a c-section. The company said the Underwriter for our State mandates a previous C-section automatically drops the person (or family since this was a family plan) seeking insurance to the lower, far more expensive tier. They also would have placed us back on Tier 1 if either Matt or I had been sterilized, asking specifically if either of us had that procedure done only after we called the company to sort this all out.

The whole thing sounds completely bogus, unethical and discriminatory to me. I figure it is about time people start speaking out against this, as obviously I am not the only one who has been affected by this practice of insurance companies. Sincerely I hope more comes of it and this isn’t the last time we hear about this issue in the news. Change can’t come quick enough for us, as we have put me on my own insurance plan with Matt and the kids on a completely separate plan with a different company. Still they pay about half each month in premium costs for all three of them as we pay for just me on my individual plan. If we had stuck with a family plan, it would have cost us more a year in the monthly premium and deductible than not having insurance at all to pay for our general routine medical care (save the chance of some catastrophic event happening). Ridiculous. At least I am having another baby this year, as that is the only reason to continue paying for a plan with full maternity coverage.


~ by gdesign on June 3, 2008.

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