Three foot nudist


Araiya has a love-hate relationship with clothes. She tends to do about 3 ‘costume changes’ a day- it would be far more if I let her. She wants to wear a dress. Then pants. Then a skirt. Or all three at once. 


But she also loves to be in the Buff. It could be 20 degrees out, she would still take her pants off and frolic around. This tendency comes and goes, some weeks there are no problems keeping clothes on. Other times we turn around and she is completely naked smack in the middle of having dinner guests over. We have a rule that clothes must be worn in the house, as all to often I have come around the corner into the living room to see her standing on the chaise lounge waving her little tush in the huge picture window that overlooks the street and neighboring houses below. I try and try to wrestle her back into clothing. Try to keep up with the constant trail of clothing strewn all over the house. Still she insists on taking them off as quick as I put them on, changing her clothes as frequently as possible, finding any excuse to do so.


Today I caught her trying to strip down her sister so they could go ‘swimming’ on the living room rug. She had laid out a towel to sunbathe on. Fear gripped me that she just might convert her sister into a 1 1/2 foot nudist too. Thankfully Tallis has remained content in her obsession with shoes, which are also strewn all over the house. She then retreated to a safe distance, as she attempted to grasp what her sister’s up to, watching intently with a concerned look on her face as Araiya pranced around the living room wearing nothing but the sleeves of a sweater around her ankles. My fingers are crossed this does not rub off.

dsc_7988 dsc_7990


~ by gdesign on June 2, 2008.

One Response to “Three foot nudist”

  1. it’s going to turn into the g.nudist colony, seattle campus soon…haha

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