‘Yer in

Ok, so it’s a play on words, of sorts. Your in. ‘Yer in. Urine.

Yup, she’s in her Urine. We have dealt with liquids issues at night for quite some time. Going to bed with the aid of milk has been an uphill battle, a hill that hasn’t been worth dying on. I still remember going down for bed with a bottle, I must have been older than 3. The problems aren’t it going in, the problems are it coming out. Araiya’s bladder can hold an amazing quantity, more than even a double-stuffed Fuzzi Bunz could possibly manage. She sits on her potty right before bedtime, we have limited her to only ONE bottle to go to sleep with, we fill the bottle only 3/4 of the way full. I am not convinced it is solely the quantity or act of having milk for bedtime. Often she will wake up with a dry diaper, which she has been praised for. She goes down for a nap without a diaper and never has an accident. I think it has been her comfort with knowing she has a diaper on at night, even though she is capable of holding it or getting up in the middle of the night to use the potty (which she frequently does, even when wearing a diaper).

So we tried this week to go to bed diaper-less, all night long. Nights one and two were perfect. She got up in the morning and we took her to pee right away. She knew she had stayed dry, she knew she could stay dry, she wants to go to sleep without a diaper. Then the remaining 5 nights had about a 20% success rate. She makes it all the way until morning time, when she is waking up, not fully asleep and not fully awake, and we hear a groggy, oh I pee in my bed, my bed wet. Almost made it all night, almost there. We gave it a shot. We even tried putting her to bed with nothing on her bottom, so maybe the feel of nakedness would make her more aware that the diaper wasn’t there.

I know she is capable of doing it, and I was getting pretty tired of the wet beds even with a diaper. On average she was wetting her bed at least once a week even with a diaper on- cloth or paper. This has been going on for a while. Admittedly, it has gotten better, it just hasn’t been solved. Either way you slice it, diaper or not, I am tired of pee in her bed. I am frustrated at the soiled sheets, the extra loads of laundry. I can’t expect her to do something that is beyond her capabilities, but I just can’t keep dealing with the Urine. It was so nice to have her potty trained by 22 months, she has been so proud of herself being able to use the potty on her own. I really take her ability to do this for granted. I guess this is the one really big struggle we need to find a solution for with her, and she might just not be ready. I can try eliminating milk, but that doesn’t guarentee she won’t accumulate urine in her bladder overngiht. I can keep pushing the no nightime diaper, accepting the accidents. I can go back to putting her back into a diaper as I did last night, giving our trials a rest. She peed more in her bed than she has in a long time, even more than when she wasn’t wearing a diaper.

But to top it off, Tallis has discovered she can take her diaper off too. And furthermore she doesn’t like the feeling of a Squishy in her Tushi, which is typical to occur in the morning as she is waking up or at naptime. There have been a few occasions I go in to her room and find plops of brown in her crib, today she even scooped some out of the diaper and dropped it on the floor. Double-duty now. It seems to be a no-win situation, a continued battle against Mr. Pee and Ms. Poop. A battle I feel I am slowly loosing and really don’t wish to fight. Recently I feel there is no good answer, so if anyone has any experience (Grace and her finger-painting crew) or wisdom on how to handle bed-wetting, please do pass advice along.


~ by gdesign on May 29, 2008.

One Response to “‘Yer in”

  1. gosh, Natalie, i have no idea what you could do about Tallis’s little poo stunts–maybe duct tape the fuzzi bunz all the way over the snaps and around the back?-ha ha! but we are going through the exact same thing with Abby and the bed-wetting. she’d been really consistent keeping her bedtime diaper dry so we tried underwear through the night. a few times she did great, a few other times she peed so much i thought maybe the mattress was ruined (i’m going to start hunting for a plastic sheet or something to go under the mattress cover and cotton sheet). anyway, i’ve decided to just wait to try the underwear again until she has at least 5 or more nights in a row with a dry diaper. midweek i thought she had it but then night before last she “didn’t make it” to the potty nor did she last night. its kind of exasperating, but i’m confident in a month or two we can quit the diapers. 🙂

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