State of the g.415 house


Remember our Backyard Project? The one I optimistically hoped would be done by now? Well, here’s our progress. Since April: 1.) We have redesigned twice, making the landscape design more refined and getting the costs down, as there is a large amount of excavation needing to be done. 2.) We have had a very hard time getting a hold of the people who own the house to the right, who have a driveway up to the back of their property (we do not) in attempt of obtaining a temporary construction easement as we have no way to get equipment and materials behind our house from the street. Finally on Saturday, Matt talked to them and they have denied our request, so now we have to get even more creative for access by coming in through the yard of our other neighbors behind us. Thankfully those neighbors are open to that idea. Wednesday our Excavator is coming over to finalize the plans and discuss an easement with our rear neighbors. 3.) We have torn off the awful rickety awning which used to run across the dark stripe you see in the picture. Quite an exciting event, as Araiya screamed no Daddy don’t knock my house down! as it came crashing apart in about 3 minutes of prying it away from the house. 4.) We have reorganized other building materials which have resided on the deck and begun tearing up all the decaying pressure treated deck boards, carefully removing all nails as we plan to reuse much of this lumber in the fence and for form boards to pour concrete.


And the weather was so nice. Perfect for being outside. Araiya found many creative ways to keep herself entertained, like dancing in front of a junky vanity we pulled out of the basement bathroom when we remodeled down there a year ago. She thought she was helping out by carrying this old rusty hammer around. She wanted to help me tear decking up. Watching her is so hysterical, she is so obsessed with watching herself move and wiggle around as she was dancing to music on NPR. Yes, she did pick out her own outfit too.

dsc_7951 dsc_7947

Tallis too enjoyed the outdoors, toddling around in the tall grass, exploring sticks and rocks she found here and there, pointing at birds and airplanes that flew by. Mostly she just perched herself in this chair and checked out what everyone else was doing.


I am so eager to actually use this space. There is still so much back here that, as we continue to tear it apart, just makes it too hazardous and unusable. Araiya keeps asking to get a pool and plant a garden, two things that are on the top of my list. I want to be able to hang out here, as I know the more pregnant I get and those early weeks of having another newborn we will be sticking close to home. In addition, Matt plans to start making some of the interior changes planned out this summer too, so it will be important to have a place to get the kids out of the way to while the inside gets a little messy. The backyard is a perfect place to escape to. We made do for now by clearing out a small patch of space under the fruit trees, Matt hacking his way through the waist-deep weeds and grasses with the push-mower. Works for now, but I know how much better it will be when this project gets underway and comes together the way I have it envisioned in my mind and on piles of paper.



~ by gdesign on May 26, 2008.

One Response to “State of the g.415 house”

  1. I think it’s awesome and exciting that you guys are getting the backyard started. Can’t wait to see the progress. Wendy and I are making good headway with our house. Behind schedule, but it’s coming along. Been meaning to post, maybe one day this week I’ll take my full hour lunch and see what happens.

    Nice hat Matt.

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