More WIP’s


This morning I got to sit down at my sewing machines for the first time in I can’t remember how long. And on top of it, I got to be productive, I got to create. I turned this ripped up pile of an older white flannel sheet into a new bedding set for the Ikea Cradle. It felt good to make something.


All the materials are recycled. The flannel sheet was one we no longer use, at it had become frayed along many of the edges. Worn, but not worn out. Used enough to wear the flannel down to a soft patina. The filling for the bumpers was torn out of the baby blue bumpers that came with the crib. Now they have been resized to fit in the cradle better. I layered the leftover flannel and quilted the sandwich together and it will become one side of a blankie I will finish with the sweet purple fabric I have ordered. Even the cradle sheet for the cot mattress I made, which surprised me at how easy that was.



I love how pure and clean the white looks. Simple and minimal. It really shows off the lines of the cradle. I am still not liking the raw pine all that much, but have decided to wait until the purple fabric comes before deciding between the laquer gray or slate stain finish. Thankful for the process this project has been. It really has made the reality of this baby far more solidified. We were all sitting in the bedroom the other night, Matt rocking the empty cradle with his foot, Araiya incessantly talking about her new baby sister sleeping in this. I had the sudden feeling someone was missing, the number of people in the room was just not complete. Not missing, just not arrived yet. Yes, wrapping my head around being a family of 5 has been slow to come. And the act of creating a simple place for this new baby to inhabit has made that realization all the more true, anticipated and embraced.



~ by gdesign on May 26, 2008.

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