WPC #12

This week’s theme from Monday’s word of the day on Dictionary.com:

obtrude \uhb-TROOD; ob-\, transitive verb:
1. To thrust out; to push out.
2. To force or impose (one’s self, remarks, opinions, etc.) on others with undue insistence or without solicitation.

This word screams ARAIYA to me. She is at the developmental age where everything on her mind flows forth from her mouth. She is constantly telling me what she wants. I want pink in my new room. I want to go to Fireman Park. I want my friends come over. Constantly telling me how things are. That’s silly. New baby not ’til August. I get my toothbrush from the store. My toothbrush is pink, Tallis not get a pink one. Constantly my little running commentary. Oh, Mommy putting dishes in da dishwasher? Oh, get ’em nice and clean? Yea, get ’em clean. Hmm, that look good. See that? See that fireplace? Oh. There, Matt. Oh goodness! Talking about Mommy got some mail. Truly exerting her opinion of how things are and how things should be, through the filter of her little two-year-old understanding of the world. Today we drove up north, just under 50 miles each way, to pick up the sweet little Ikea Crib I found on Craigslist. In my excitement in scoring such a find, I overlooked the location, which was a bit farther away than I had anticipated. It took a good chunk of the day. But in no way a dull drive, as I had my rambling backseat verbalizer to enjoy conversation with.


Oh, going to get the cradle? Going to the store? I push a kid’s cart, yea, I like ta do dat. Push a cart. Tallis not big yet, Tallis not push cart. No Tallis, you not do that. Oh, HIGHWAY!! BIG TRUCK! See dat big truck? Yea. Goodness. Yea, going to get the cradle? We do dat? Getting us’s cradle for the new baby. Yea, wanna do dat. Oh, bridge! Wanna see da bridge go up. Yea, do that. Mommy, where us’s going? Us’s riding in da car? I like my car, like my Subaru, yea, do dat. (sings to herself, repeated words over and over) Subaru- I like my Suuuuuubaru. New baby ride in my Subaru? Yea, do dat? When the baby comes? Not ’til August. Baby sleeping? Oh, where’s us? OH, Mommy, See Dat!? See That?? Dat a cow? See the Cow Tallis? Cow go mooooo. Moooo, hi cow! Mommy, wanna get out, go see the cow. I wanna cow, in my backyard, yea. Wanna cow. No, cow’s is stinky, stinky poop. Big poop. OH GOAT! SEE THE GOAT!?? hahahaha, like dat. Oh, goodness.


~ by gdesign on May 23, 2008.

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