baby g.3 ideas

I guess I feel that tugging nesting urge to be planning for the arrival of this new little one. I am resisting washing all the newborn clothes already. But I don’t need to buy any new gear. I do, however, have a deep desire to start making things, as I have towards the end of each pregnancy. But now the focus is shifting from sweet little clothes to sweet little accessories. I am inspired to create the small little details and design elements that have been left out or overlooked in the past. Things I thought later, oh I wish I had done this or I wish that were different or oh I should make that for this. I started by setting out to recover my Boppy the other day in some extra Ikea fabric leftover from the Crib Duvet, only to give up after I was unable to locate where I stored the Boppy away to. My list of ideas is growing, and I continue to find little hints of inspiration here and there. My vision and planning has kicked into high gear. The older girl’s new room has taken shape, awaiting Fall when we will pull it all together and execute the actualization of the physical space. Thankfully having it planned out will make that process fairly easy, we have plenty of time to order things and hunt Craigslist. Until then, we need the guest bedroom intact and I will make the two quilts in anticipation. So I’ve spent some time thinking through and analyzing, what could have been better? What would we have found useful and wanted before but never did? What did we get by with that could use some serious improvement. Then I found it- Newborn Sleeping Apparatus. So simple, so temporary, so overlooked.

You would think by the third we would have figured this out already, right? NO.

We pseudo-co-slept with both of the girls when they were newborns. I originally desired to have them in our bed, so we bought a Snuggle Nest thing when Araiya was born. But my ideal and our reality didn’t really line up. All slept better with babies out of the bed, but still right next to the bed. Each pregnancy, in planning for a newborn, we have extensively contemplated what kind of a system we needed to make a sidecar sleep situation the easiest possible. We juggled both times the purchase of an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper, but the major design flaw is that we have a platform bed, so it is impossible to use the product correctly right up next to the mattress. In my ideal world, the Culla Belly co-sleeper would be available rather than just a concept, as I think it is the best designed solution to this dilemma I have seen, just doesn’t exist yet. With Araiya, it came down to us hacking together a sidecar bed for her- a quarter sheet of plywood stacked on a few Rubbermaid containers next to our bed. Yea, don’t call CPS. It worked for a short amount of time as we realized it was time to order a crib. Tallis didn’t fair much better, she got the same Rubbermaid containers with the Snuggle Nest wedged between our mattress and the wall, only Tallis was ready for her own crib far sooner than Araiya. Now, I figure it is about time we actually do a real solution here. It worked well with Tallis to have her next to our bed, I would have wanted something that rocked. So now I am figuring, why not get a cradle? Well, easier said than found. This is the biggest area where my modernist tastes are being stopped dead in their tracks. Seriously, there are like almost Zero good looking rocking cradles or bassinets out there that don’t cost upwards of $400. Our choices range in the realm of Wedding Dress poof and spiral downward from there.

So I’ve decided the one item I am in need of for baby g.3 and on the hunt for is a simple, minimalist wooden rocking cradle. One item, that is it. Everything else is covered, done, checked off, already have. So I get one thing to obsess over, design and do some visionary planning out. Good, that keeps me focused on the simple and the small details rather than being overwhelmed with biting off too much, as that is my tendency. And yesterday I found this awesome little Pine Ikea Cradle on Craigslist. Doing more research, it is ‘Vintage’ 1998, which makes me laugh, as ’98 seems so not vintage. Apparently this is a rather rare commodity. As close as I think I am going to get without making one myself. Plus I get to make cradle bedding, how fun is that? I am really inspired right now by simple, yet rich in textures, materiality and a hint of pattern.


My one small creative outlet in Love for this new little girl we will soon be blessed with caring for, tucking her in for rest, snuggling with my nose in her soft downy hair. Making something beautiful to be enjoyed in use and in the act of creation. I did some conceptual planning last night, as you can see above. The purples, blues and natural linens are from Linnet, quite possibly my favorite online fabric store I have never ordered from. This though, spurs me to figure out how to translate the Japanese ordering page. The bottom patterns are from Purl Soho and are from the Cake Rock Beach collection


~ by gdesign on May 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “baby g.3 ideas”

  1. Oh I love it. I’ve been salivating over fabric lately as I too am in the process of rethinking the boys rooms. Currently they are in separate rooms but since they are starting to be on the same schedule, I’m thinking we may move them in together. And that means redecoration time!!

    I have to say, I am just so challenged and inspired by your color choices. It’s like a breath of fresh air…

    I loved the feature on Ohdeedoh and I must say I am hard pressed to find a color combo I’m loving as much these days as orange. Gavin has always embodied the color orange to me for some reason, and it’s been a part of his room since we moved in. I may even end up using that same comforter from Ikea for the boys…I’m having a hard time finding an orange dot pattern that isn’t too juvenile.

    Side note, my mom is going to start making modern baby bedding for Etsy using some great Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler fabrics. I’ll keep you posted – I think it’s going to be great. I’m having fun on the design end of things putting together fabric combinations.

    Can’t wait to see how the new rooms come together!

  2. […] strong aversion to. So, the question is, should I paint it? Stain it? Leave it? Granted, this is The Project but I don’t want to make it into a bigger process than it need be. I also don’t want to […]

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