Life with a Toddler :: Day 990

Araiya never fails to surprise me with the random stuff she picks up upon. Today, Matt and I are working in the office (a.k.a. Sensory Deprivation Room) on a project we have a deadline on tomorrow. Araiya comes in for her phone, which is an old un-working cell phone she plays with. She takes it, runs back out to the living room to call people, this time she was calling Ryan (whomever that is). We overhear her, mid conversation: “Oh, wait, need to look out the window. K, hello? Hello??” At this point I start to realize she is doing EXACTLY what I do. My cell phone in the last few months gets close to zero reception at our house, except if I am standing next to one particular window, I can get about 2 minutes of conversation before the call gets dropped. Matt and I chuckle, exchanging comments about how they are little mirrors and we should be careful about the things they are taking in from our behavior. Then she comes running back into the office. I ask her casually, “How is Ryan?” Her reply: 

“Stupid Phone!”

Case in point.


~ by gdesign on May 19, 2008.

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