We all know what quirkiness is, but as a sensibility it’s become something like what “nerd” was to middle schoolers in the 90’s: a set of rules (or moral assumptions) governing over a fictional world in which the participants create the atmosphere of sub-culture based on surreal observations of pop-culture-filtered flotsam and random encounters which becomes turned on it’s head and exemplified as the new cool. So why is being a nerd now so hip? There is even an entire product culture of Geekery, celebrating the very thing that got you pegged as a looser in the formative years of our generation. Now that which is defined as Quirky has taken over. Generally speaking, the quirk seekers (me) display a similar attitude to the uncool-nerds-turned-popular-majority: the Quirky is Cool. I’m the one on Architectural field trips in college rather than taking the usual pictures of the building itself, was taking pictures of how the pristinely detailed fence overlooked the gas meter so hence a messy hole was gauged out by some construction worker with a Sawzal. Because it made me smile. Because it is unexpected, out of the ordinary. Because it shows reality for what it really is and how there are various ways to see the world. Because they are the marks of someone else’s quirky ideas.

I haven’t taken many of those photographs lately. But I have been meaning to. There’s the random act of craft on the stop sign at the corner of our street- the post snugly wrapped in a green knit cozy. There’s the two large Mastiff’s who spend their day on the roof (yes the roof) of a two-story house, jowls flopping as they bark haphazardly at the happenings in the neighborhood. And there’s this keenly painted fire hydrant, accentuating the anthropomorphism someone’s imagination conspired. It is along our walk to Tougo’s Coffee, right at the corner where we turn coming up the street. I wonder how overlooked things like this are, how many times I have walked by along our daily routine before finally noticing it yesterday. There is the thrill of discovery, the thrill of being a part of the quirky sensibility has its roots in observational acts against conventionality. Because I likely fall smack in the middle of this odd demographic that created quirk as an accepted movement and one who falls into the tendency to regard aspects of life as a string of encounters of being an unspecified observer. It’s only too bad this doesn’t qualify for the current Weekly Photo Challenge. Regardless, bring on the quirkily quirkiness.


~ by gdesign on May 14, 2008.

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