Life with a Toddler, Day 984

Me: “Tallis, walk! You can do it!” (she takes a few sideways steps, still holding onto the table, reaches for my hand)

Araiya: “Wanna play Posie?” (grabs Tallis’ hand, we spin around) “Wing awound the Whosie, pocket full of Hosie. Sashes, sashes, ALL FALL DOWN!” (we fall, Tallis plopping herself down onto her padded diaper, laughing hysterically) “AGAIN!” (we do it again, and again)

Me: “Whew, I’m tired” (Tallis climbs in my lap, throwing her arms around my neck)

Araiya: “Me too! I love you!!”

Me: “I love you too” (to Araiya) “And I love you” (to Tallis) “I can cuddle with both you guys at the same time!”

Araiya: “Yea, I like to cuddle you”

(Tallis, making kissing motions to her sister, leans in and smashes her face against her sister’s)

Araiya: “Ha, Tallis kiss me! Yuck, bugers!”

Me: “Yea, but she loves you. She loves her sister.”

(Araiya, hugs Tallis, which is more like a tackle, both of them giggling)

Me: “Did you know you are going to have another baby sister?”

Araiya: “Yea! New baby sister. Not ’til August”

Me: “What should we name your new baby sister?”

Araiya: “Shhhh!”

Me: “That’s not a very good baby name.”

Ariaya: “Doctor. Doctor Shhhh!”

Me: “That’s not a very good name either.”

Araiya: “Wanna play Doctor?!”

Me: “No.”

Araiya: “Wanna play Goose?” (meaning Duck-Duck-Goose)

Me: “No.”

Araiya, pushing me backwards: “Wanna lie down?”

Me: “No. Wanna get tickled?” (tickling her)

Araiya, erupting in laughter: “HAHAHAH, NOOOOOO!”


~ by gdesign on May 13, 2008.

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