Caffeine community


Thanks to the help of my friend, Karin, we have discovered a great little neighborhood coffee shop which we have been visiting at least once a week. I have really come to appreciate how Tougo’s Coffee is trying to cultivate an atmosphere of neighborhood community. Nearly every time we go, we run into someone we know and have begun to meet more new people who live in our vicinity. Further, it has spurred us to get out of the house on a regular basis. Araiya asks nearly every day to go to the Coffee Shop. Every other Tuesday, our friend Stella, who is a Children’s Librarian, does a Toddler Story Time. Each time there are more and more kids, which is an awesome testament to how attractive community events like this are. Kids are often a good excuse to network with other moms and build those connections between people who have the common ground of being parents.


Even Araiya looks forward to seeing her friends. I realized today though, how tentative she can be around newer situations. She is very cautious, which oddly seems counter to how she is at home. It takes her a while to warm up and feel comfortable. She mostly stood back and took it all in, eventually venturing out of my lap and closer to Stella and the other kids. Hopefully next time she will begin to participate more. And it is a good reminder to me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people too.


~ by gdesign on May 13, 2008.

One Response to “Caffeine community”

  1. We live in an older suburb. I grew up here, and in recent years I’ve seen it welcome more and more new immigrants making it a colourful community… Lot’s of Indian restaurants close by, Chinese bakeries, Filipino groceries. But what I would love is a little community cafe. Not a Starbucks. We keep saying that we would like to move Down Town, but maybe if more young families like us choose to stay, we will be part of making our neighbourhood more family-friendly.

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