This is my 200th post in this journal. Wow. That seems like a pretty significant milestone to me. 200 entries in a little over a year. That equates to an average of half-a-post-a-day. Rather, a post Every-other Day, that makes it sound like a better accomplishment. There are so many things I could say about how keeping an online journal has impacted my life, made me more disciplined with my consistency and follow-through. How I have connected and reconnected with so many people who have been separated by time, distance and circumstance. How I have come to really treasure this little collection of my family’s day-to-day adventures, change, growth and reflection on who we are. I wonder what it would be like for Araiya and Tallis to look back on this when they are older. I hope they would appreciate getting to know their Mamma and their Baby to Toddler-selves through the imagery and writing. I hope.

The blog became this little creative outlet for me to share my creations and life happenings and take photos of the whole process. I thought it would be mostly intrinsically for myself and family. I wanted to be able to share life with parents and extended family who we don’t see that often. But it has really become more than that. I appreciate it most for the learning tool it has become and the ways it has stretched me to be both introspective and self-editing. I love the interactivity of blogging. I never projected this space would get to where it is now or how profoundly it has impacted me. I assumed it would be something done for me, with very little reward or attention, which I accepted and still would be totally fine with.

And somewhere, somehow other people started reading this blog. Well, at least what I think of as a significant number of people, because my little graph consistently keeps going up and up and up. There are like 5 times the number of people who come here every day as there was a year ago. Every day. More people a day then in an entire month our of last summer. I don’t even know how or where you came from, but I am so glad that you did. Because I know you are out there. Sometimes I’ll post something and someone will actually leave a comment and I’ll think “Really? Someone has something to say about that? Someone is actually reading this??” Every comment just kind of leaves me in awe. I try to respond to nearly all of them. Granted, there aren’t hoards of blog hits and hoards of comments, but to me, the numbers here are pretty darn significant.

There is a lot that I choose not to share on the blog, but for what I do, I feel I have been continually surprised at the response. I had thought about doing some sort of give-away or game to celebrate this occasion or a meme on me. Instead I just want to say THANK YOU to every one of you who stops by to visit me each week. i am increasingly grateful there has been so much more than the impersonal world of The Internet out there. Each and every hit and view and search is a person. Whether they like this or not, stick around or not, think good or bad, there is ever increasingly a personal connection between this space, me and whomever you are and regardless of if I know you in the real world. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to share myself and my life, if you are so inclined I invite you to share yourself in the comments. Ask a question, say hi, crack a joke, tell how you found this site. Otherwise, you keep reading and I’ll keep writing and we’ll see if I can hit 400 posts by the end of the year.


~ by gdesign on May 8, 2008.

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