Mom Chop


My hair and I are in constant battle. A battle I most often loose. Wavy in the back, straight in the front, sometimes frizzy, sometimes flat. I don’t really know what to do with it, so have worn it in a pony tail since about the 5th grade. I’ve tried, really I’ve tried. I keep coming back for more trials, with all my good intentions, to wear it down. Heck, wear it anyway that isn’t tied back. Downhill, all the way. I’ve given up over the last year. I got a good cut right after Tallis was born, but I was right back to ponytail land within a few weeks. Then just stopped caring. And stopped having it cut. Why bother? But then it was about down to my waist. And heavy. And even more of a pain in the butt. I had been ready for a chop far too long. Finally on Saturday I used a gift certificate given to me for by Birthday (ehm, which was in August) and checked that to-do item off my list. I was over it. I wanted something far different. But still retained the ability to default to the ponytail. Maybe it’s not that different. Matt feared I would end up with a classic Mom-chop. Or worse, a Duck-butt.

DSC_0262 DSC_0263

Araiya likes it. Rather, she likes playing with it and styling it, to make it ‘nice and neat’. Good, cuz maybe I can get her to do my hair, since I am rather unwilling to take the time and effort each morning. I unrealistically want something I can wash, comb and do nothing more to and have it still look great for the rest of the day. Right. I think I will be needing to dig that big curling iron out of the basement today. Though I am optimistically trying the wash-n-wear this morning. So far the short layers in the back are waving up, and the front layers are layered so it kinda actually matches the back, but we still have frizz. Not sold on it, I feel it makes me look older. Perhaps this is my first real grown-up style. Still I wish someone would swoop in and teach me what the heck to do with this mop. Surely it involves some sort of magic products and techniques, because I liked it a lot better after the stylist finished. I think though I may be breaking down and buying a flat iron and some goopy gel, because I really do desire to begin to gain ground in this battle. At least the first step has been taken.


Update: Yup, today I am still not super thrilled. We got frizz. Bad. And waves, in every direction except where I would maybe like it to go. The above photos are from right after I got it done. So far have been unable to get it to look like that again. Why is that always the case? Here’s the back this afternoon:


Pretty sweet, eh?

Edit again: I think I need some product. And a straight iron. Any ideas??


~ by gdesign on May 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Mom Chop”

  1. It looks beautiful!

  2. amazing curl cream: sebastian’s evokativ line-bohemian. curls rock curl cream also good, but not as good. a little curl cream, a little scrunching, your hair might just surprise you. mousse and a diffuser is the more labor-intensive addition to that hair routine. i’m not sure how wavy your hair is. my friend has really thick hair and the sebastian curl cream coaxes all sorts of curls out.

    with the seattle dampness, i tend to favor waves rather than the losing battle for straight hair.

    ionic hair straighteners are the way to go if you’re going the straight route.

  3. your hair is beautiful. but i have the same texture and thickness so i completely understand. i also can’t be bothered to style my hair so: 1. i get it cut by an amazing stylist. so good is he that i only need to go in thrice a year. he uses the RUSK method and does bang trims complimentary in between. 2. for days at home with the kids, i just my wash, condition, and let hair dry out by itself kinks and all and apply phytologie ultra shine cream. / 3. if i want to look super neat and take the time to syle, i use john frieda frizz ease serum (it does wonders). use the blower to dry. then use a ceramic flat iron. i only do this a couple times a month because my cut holds up, even on days when i don’t have time to do anything to it. one key my stylist gave me: don’t comb. it “roughs up the hair too much” making it too frizzy. i found that hes right. 🙂

  4. My hair is really thick and wavy too so I feel ya on this one. If you can get away with it, only wash once a week. You can “train” your hair to put up with it if you’re prone to oily-ness…I can actually go more than a week if I want but usually don’t. Then I blow dry and straighten after the wash and touch up throughout the week as needed, but it takes much less time than starting from scratch each time. The first day is usually kinda frizzy but then the natural oils usually help abate the poof factor as the days go by.

    I’m not a fan of product. I know my hair could be much more stylin’ if I was, but with little ones running their fingers through it all day I must say the thought of that goo containing who-knows-what eventually inadvertantly ending up in their mouths grosses me out a bit. I found a fairly natural hairspray at PCC that works pretty well, and I like BioSilk serum (you can even find it at Costco) adds nice shine and tames the frizz but it’s gentle enough even to use on your skin.

  5. […] I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs or get my ears pierced. Still, to this day, I struggle with doing my hair. I just threw away every last bit of the make-up I own because it is all nearly 15 years old and I […]

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