WPC #9

If you notice, my Weekly Photo Challenge post is a day late. Yes, it has been that kind of a week. Fitting to the weeks word, none the less. So better late than never, I guess, as the challenge theme culminates the state of affairs this week. From Dictionary.com’s Monday Word of the Day:

maelstrom \MAYL-struhm\, noun:
1. A large, powerful, or destructive whirlpool.
2. Something resembling a maelstrom; a violent, disordered, or turbulent state of affairs.


Things whirled this week. Messes. Many, many messes. Some rather benign, like toys strewn over every corner of this house or piles of laundry awaiting folding. Others, gross, like stuffed toilet paper in a potty then amply stirred and splash around the bathroom with a toilet brush or touching stinky dead mice. Deep cleaning and organizing, which inevitably produces a larger mess in order to reorganize, as I attempt to do a little photo shoot of the girl’s room this weekend. Being pulled in many directions. Kids to take care of, work to do at the house, architecture projects that need attention, business decisions to discuss. Missed opportunities. Missed storytime at Tougo’s coffee by less than an hour because my jumbled mind assumed when it started. Forgotten tasks, forgotten items. Like keys, grocery lists, phone, socks. Remembered only when direly needed. Trash and recycling forgotten to be taken out on trash day. Lost items. Lost one shoe, then found and pair restored. Then lost both, so Tallis doesn’t have shoes. Lost hairbrush, so my hair is a mess. Things put off. Hair cut, which I am in desperate need of. Caring for the front lawn. To-do list not getting smaller. Getting the backyard project underway. Getting sick. Tired. Starting to maybe feel a bit pregnant with achy loose hips. Flared tempers. Kids unable to share, getting too rough with one another. Tallis biting Araiya’s tummy as Araiya tackled her while they were playing inside the play tent. Roughhousing with retaliation. My frustration with their sudden inability to be gentle. Caught in a Maelstrom.


~ by gdesign on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “WPC #9”

  1. the fact that this maelstrom and this description of yours is not the “norm” for you is amazing. you just described my daily life. maybe because of my personality, or my SIN, or my inability to “just get things done” and keep things/priorities in order….i live daily in a maelstrom. and it doesn’t feel good. i’m constantly fighting it and trying my hardest to bring order to my home. i’m sorry about your tough week. if you need any help watching the girls while you catch up let me know. other than that all i can say is: be encouraged that this is not normal for you and therefore things can only get better. 🙂 remember who is in control.

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