The trip to Portland was amazingly fun. It was great to get away, even if it is just a few hours, and explore somewhere new. We picked a great weekend, Saturday was beautiful and hot. Yes, HOT. We also got so see several friends and family and catch up. At the same time, it was a crazy packed weekend full of many stories and details, it would take far to much to show and tell here. We left Seattle Friday at Noon and got back to the house Sunday just before 9pm. Wow. Yet the trip wasn’t at all stressful, rather paradoxically relaxing and adventurous. I will hit some highlights:

dsc_7578 dsc_7577

Friday’s departure and travel was pretty uneventful. Our arrival started with a tour of Matt’s Sister’s Office and Fabrication shop. She works for a design studio called Medium Build that in house takes from concept to completion projects for interiors and retail displays. They are doing some amazing work with CNC output and even bending a Corian-like product into sexy forms. Then we headed back to their house, made dinner and hung out for the night. Saturday we cruised up to the Alberta Art’s District, where some college friends have been slowly tearing apart and reworking a great little 100-year-old craftsman. The sun was so enjoyable, we hung out on the front porch at ate yummy burritos, letting the kids play in the yard.

dsc_7582 dsc_7588
dsc_7585 dsc_7581 dsc_7592

After that, we jumped down to 23rd Ave. to explore some areas we had found on The Modern List for Portland and Bugaboo’s Daytrip. We cruised all the little shops while Araiya napped in the stroller, as I managed to pick up a pair of sunglasses (desperately needed) for $10 and found some awesome products I comically would love to have (but didn’t buy).

dsc_7597 dsc_7600
dsc_7603 dsc_7605

Then we hopped a ride on the Streetcar into the Pearl District, which let us off right in front of a Modern Kid’s store called Posh Baby, which I of course can’t resist going in. Araiya picked out about 5 things for her room, but we easily enticed her back out of the store with the lure of Jamison Square across the street. This park was the pinnacle of the trip and the only place I had listed as a must visit on our loosely planned itinerary. Packed with kids, of course, as the weather was perfectly appropriate for running around in a splash pool. I was smart and brought the girl’s swimsuits. It didn’t take much to get both girls running around for hours climbing and splashing in the water.

dsc_7616 dsc_7613
dsc_7622 dsc_7633
dsc_7636 dsc_7641

But it took a bit more to get them back out again. So dressed in fresh clothes, we headed off to Sushi Dinner, walking by and taking a quick peek in Hive Modern and the Skylab office on the way, both off the the Modern List. We also deeply discussed the archetypes of building Portland is embracing, the emphasis on public outdoor space and a variety of living within the city core is great. Dinner was yummy, but a bit to late, which equated to fussy kids in a nice restaurant.

dsc_7643 dsc_7644
dsc_7652 dsc_7654

Mom and Dad made up for it though by getting Cupcakes from Jones’, which got demolished in all of 10 seconds. Even we indulged and got two big cupcakes- fudge cake with chocolate-mint filling, chocolate ganache frosting and topped with an Ande’s mint for me and fudge cake with caramel filling, cheesecake frosting and garnished with nuts, fudge and caramel for Matt. Oh do I have a weakness for cupcakes, especially filled ones, and these are just about at the top of my list. So stuffed, we waddled back to the streetcar and back to the Subaru and back to the house to crash, far past bedtime.

dsc_7649 dsc_7651
dsc_7650 dsc_7653

Sunday we met my friend Jill, whom I have known since I was 5, at the Rose Garden in Washington Park. This activity was recommended to us, and I will pass on the additional recommendation to go in June, when there are actually Roses. Regardless, the park was beautiful as were the views of the City. Araiya had tons of fun running around the garden paths and water-sculptures. We cut that short and headed back down into the Pearl District to eat at the Bridgeport Brewery. A bit early for lunch, we hung out at Tanner Park, an adaptive reuse wetlands area with a great space to run around. A really innovative design, we oogled the materiality and use of Railroad track as a sculptural element in the shoring.

dsc_7655 dsc_7658
dsc_7661 dsc_7662 dsc_7664

We ate at the Brewery, then headed for a walk around the area, and found a great ice cream place, once again right across from Jamison Square from the day before. We took our sweets back out to a park bench and let Araiya run around while Tallis napped in the Stroller. Araiya begged to put her swimsuit on, but I had left it in the car. She survived playing chase with me around and around a bright red steel sculpture.

dsc_7668 dsc_7666

Then we found yet another Modern Kid’s store called Little Urbanites on the other side of the park, so spent some time in there. Luckily it reminded Jill she needed to get a Baby Shower gift for a party the next day, so it bought us extra time to look at all the goodies. By that time it was almost 1:30 so we wanted to take advantage of naptime for the car ride home. We said goodbye, tossed the kids (already asleep) in their seats and headed North. We had to stop for gas in Tacoma, so called our Friends down there and ended up getting a little impromptu visit with them, which put us home in time for bed.


Overall a great little get away. Portland is a really cool little city that we enjoyed exploring. Thank you if you left ideas on places to go for us, I think we hit most of them. A lot of the trip was enhanced by getting to visit and hang out with friends we haven’t seen in a while. There was plenty I wish we had gotten to, but I guess that can get saved for a future road trip.


~ by gdesign on April 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “PDX”

  1. Your girls are just unbelievably precious. seriously. i can’t wait to see the cuteness that the new one has in store for this world!

  2. It was really great to see you and your family last weekend. Araiya and Tallis are absolutely adorable. I got the job, and I think we are going to sign a lease for an apartment in The Pearl today. We definitely need to get together more often. Miss you! Tell Matt I say Hi.

    P.S. I thought we have known each other since we were two? (At least that’s what I tell people.) Did we meet in preschool or ballet class?

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