Good for something


I don’t know that I have ever talked about our Cat here. This is Maya. We got her the first Valentine’s Day we were married from a local humane society. She came with some baggage, as she had bounced around to a few homes prior to coming to live with us. For the first several years she would hardly let us pet her, but after the kids came and have shown a great deal of interest in her, as well as me forcing my love on her, she has turned over a completely new leaf. She loves the attention, even if it is slightly abusive toddler petting. Though she is still particular, at least she doesn’t bite elbows any more or shred toilet paper rolls. This cat has always been more of a passing cohabitant, demanding only that we feed her and scoop her litter box. We, in turn, put up with her 5am Spazercizing and constantly joke about how useless she is.

Until now. Our basement tenant has seen a mouse in his unit over the last few weeks. Not surprising, considering all the holes and oddities this house has. We saw it upstairs twice, poking it’s head out from the closet in the office. Then the cat started showing a great deal of interest in that closet and it hasn’t been back sense. So when the Cat constantly wanted to be down in the basement laundry room, which is shared between the two units, I was glad to let her. Of course it came with a good deal of poking fun at the fact she would never be able to catch that mouse, having been an indoor cat her entire life and often times loosing her balance and falling off the window sills, it was hardly likely she would be a decent mouser. Even Araiya would prod at her, “kitty catch that mouse yet?” Yea, she totally thinks she is ferocious, thinks she is a bad tough little kitty, but it’s all show and she wouldn’t even know what to do if she even got close enough to a live mouse.

But I was wrong. I found it today, stiff and dead at the bottom of a laundry hamper in the basement with it’s guts torn open and stuck to a nice white towel. I thought the sour smell was a hamper of dirty kitchen rags that I didn’t get to prior to leaving for Portland. But nope, decaying mouse carcass. And I touched it too, brought it right under my nose as I was stuffing a load into the washer today. Upon discovery of the stiff furry think in my hand with the overwhelming stench, I chucked it and ran upstairs gagging. Closest I have come to vomiting this pregnancy.

And so it sits, discarded somewhere on the basement floor, awaiting the nice husband to come take care of it because I can’t endure the smell long enough to even go back down for my basket of clean diapers. Tallis is in a disposable, that is how bad it is. So thanks, Maya. Thanks a lot.


~ by gdesign on April 29, 2008.

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