Tea time

We had a wonderfully busy weekend in Portland and have come back exhausted. Grateful for a low-key and rainy day today to lounge and recuperate. It feels like a Tea Day. I have already had an entire pot to myself. Araiya loves tea too. Friday I caught her trying to make herself some tea- she had filled the saucepan I usually boil water in with some Nettles (which I use for my allergies) and a few garlic tablets that were stashed in the tea tin. I don’t think she would have been too happy with her results.

dsc_7554 dsc_7557
dsc_7558 dsc_7561

Instead, I made her up some Rooibos and we spent part of Tallis’ naptime sitting at the table enjoying Tea Time together. She drinks her tea out of a small espresso shot mug, perfectly sized for a toddler, and tells me all about everything she has running through her mind. And that the tea is “Tasty, tasty!”

dsc_7563 dsc_7564
dsc_7567 dsc_7566


~ by gdesign on April 28, 2008.

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  1. […] tea at least once a day. Likely more. Araiya, too loves tea, often begging me to make it for her or attempting to do so herself. During ski season, the drive up at 7am absolutely requires tea. As Matt and I are both planning on […]

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