Odds should be more on my side

From an article I found today about a British study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences:

“…there is nothing like a hearty breakfast laced with sugar to boost a woman’s chances of conceiving a son, according to a study released Wednesday.”

“The odds of an XY, or male outcome to a pregnancy also went up sharply “for women who consumed at least one bowl of breakfast cereal daily compared with those who ate less than or equal to one bowl of week,” the study reported.” The article also states, “Likewise, a low-energy diet that skimps on calories, minerals and nutrients is more likely to yield a female of the human species, says the study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, Britain’s de facto academy of sciences.”

Now huh. I eat at least two bowls of cereal every single day. I am a cereal fiend. I can’t not have breakfast. So logically our odds of having a boy should be slightly higher than having a girl, right? Oh wait, what is the link with high-sugar cereals? I wonder if there is a connection between the higher processed cereals being laced with all those minerals, vitamins, fortified with Iron and additives to boost nutrition intake and the fact that most people eat more than the measly 1cup serving size. The sheer quantity of those nutrients added to cereals must far exceed that which you would get eating a regular, non-processed, non-enhanced diet. Not to mention most women trying to conceive are already taking a prenatal multivitamin as well. I know each bowl I eat is like double the recommended intake, but we avoid overly processed and fortified foods. Darn, I guess I should have been chowing down on Fruit Loops instead of that stupid healthy stuff like Muesli and Granola.

“So they asked 740 first-time mothers who did not know if their unborn foetuses were male or female to provide detailed records of eating habits before and after they became pregnant. The women were split into three groups according to the number calories they consumed per day around the time of conception. Fifty-six percent of the women in the group with the highest energy intake had sons, compared to 45 percent in the least-well fed cohort.”

But I do eat a pretty high-energy, high-calorie diet and 3/3 have ended up being girls. So go figure. Guess it goes to show there is more than statistical science at work here. Maybe next time I will sleep with a hammer under my pillow.


~ by gdesign on April 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Odds should be more on my side”

  1. i was confused though…isn’t it the man that determines? so does what you eat determine how well the guys swim or who gets ahead in the race? i sent that article to my sister yesterday…haha

  2. So maybe both you and Matt need to have a high energy breakfast….
    …I’ll have to remember that…

  3. http://www.baby2see.com/gender/index.html

    Hmmmm…I wouldn’t worry too much about diet! Sounds like timing is more important.

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