Road Trip

We are going to Portland this weekend, one of the few significant length car travel we have done with both girls. Our aim is to explore Portland and visit with some friends and family. The question is, what MUST we do? What CAN’T we miss? I looked up the Bugaboo Day Trip for Portland, they seem to have some good suggestions. But what else (those of you who live there or have been there more than I) should we plan to do? Specifically I like food and fun kid’s stuff, modern Architecture and awesome design stores. Please do tell!!


~ by gdesign on April 23, 2008.

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  1. Mississippi Avenue is a fun up-and-coming neighborhood, with cool little boutiques with lots of handmade goods (good inspiration for sewing projects!). Fresh Pot cafe on Mississippi Ave is an old pharmacy that’s been converted to a coffee shop – good vibe. Alberta Street is cool too – there’s an awesome fabric store there. Have a blast!

  2. disclaimer: most of this info is coming from brandon! if you want book heaven, you need to go to powell’s! the tram (from the waterfront up to the hospital) is pretty cool to see (i’ve only seen it from the road, haven’t ridden it). brandon says it’s fun to ride, but we’re not sure how much it costs. the pearl district has a bunch of new/revitalized architecture. the japanese gardens are nice (according to brandon, and also kent mcdonald and bruno giberti–brandon ran into them there one day). he said northwest 23rd avenue has a lot of cafes and boutique type shops…i’ll let you know if anything else comes up. portland is also home to the world’s smallest park, but that’s pretty anti-climatic. i wouldn’t make a pilgrimage there.

  3. oh–he said for kids there’s the oregon museum of science and industry, but he said it’s not like an hour long thing.

  4. oops–brandon and i just thought about how young the girls are. probably a bit young for the museum!

  5. There’s also a pretty cool park with good views of the city/ skyline and it has a big rose garden…though it might be too early for flowers…

    I think it is called Washington Park or something like that. My cousins took us to the Pearl District and 23rd Ave I think. Powell’s is the one spot I always hit when I’m in Portland.

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