More skiing

While I didn’t get to ski last weekend, Araiya did!


I continue to be amazed at her ability, even at 2 1/2. She is really grasping the concepts of sliding then pushing her skis out into an ‘A’. A for Araiya, of course. The Edgie Wedgie on the tip of her skis helps, so she just has to push outward and is able to make a wedge by stretching the worm. Pretty cute how she explains this to us and asks Matt to do it with his skis.

dsc_7488 dsc_7490 dsc_7499 dsc_7497

She hasn’t been too keen on going on the chairlift, though. I am fine with that, since it is a pretty good hike uphill to get to the beginner lift at Alpental. Rather, we have just gone out and played along a little groomed cat track connecting the lodge area to the lower parking lot. It is a nice little trail through the trees with a gentle slope, perfect for gliding around and playing in the snow.

dsc_7480 dsc_7479 dsc_7487

There was, of course, plenty of eating snow and pegging Mom with snowballs. Such fun to see her enjoy it! Tallis was asleep on my back in the Beco nearly the whole time we were out skiing together. And the fun doesn’t always last, as Araiya was soon tired and hungry (as were we) so we headed in for some pizza and let Dad go out and catch some turns with friends we had run into. Next year Araiya will be able to participate in a half-day program for three-year-olds, and she is very much looking forward to that. So am I.


~ by gdesign on April 23, 2008.

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