This sweet little girl turned one today. What a wonderful little joyful person she is. So full of cuteness and such a distinct funny little personality. She had a ton of fun on Saturday when we celebrated this milestone at her party. I can’t believe she is a year already. But I am thankfully surprised at the overall easiness this year has been. Tallis is such a fun kid, she plays by herself and with her sister so well, and I just crack up when the two of us play together. I cannot wait to see what this next year holds for her- a year of walking and talking and discovering so much more of her world and her abilities. Already I feel so much is accomplished. She has been so easy when it has come to sleep, traveling and our day-to-day life. So chill and able to roll with it. There isn’t a whole lot coming out in words here, but I just have to look back over pictures of her and I get a huge grin because I can see what a cool little person we have been blessed with knowing.


dsc_7184 dsc_7182
dsc_7189 dsc_7176



~ by gdesign on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “One”

  1. I love how she looks so tidy and clean in the first picture, and then digresses into a post-party hair-do. Thanks for having us!

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