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Much work going on yesterday and today in preparation of Tallis’ First Birthday this Saturday. I had hoped to be a bit more ahead of where I am, but my headaches have knocked me pretty flat this week. I have managed to print all my paper goods, cut them out and begin to assemble some things. It looks so nice to see all the little details start to come together. This is the part that I like the most when I get to line everything up and lay it all out in anticipation.

dsc_7106 dsc_7096

dsc_7058 dsc_7112

We made a few unique store trips to grab fun little things for the party. First was Uwajamya, a rather large Asian specialty store in the International District. We go fairly frequently for groceries, but this time spent a good amount of time browsing the gift, toy and candy sections. I’d say 60% of the stuff they carry in the store I have no idea what it is, since I can’t read the packaging. Regardless, it is one of the coolest places as they have so much stuff it becomes inspiring to want to buy a bunch of things I have never had before just to try something new because it seems so foreign and exotic. They have a bunch of really cute little stickers and candies we got for gift bags. The candies were a little tough to pick out since they mostly had a lot of gum and hard candies which equal choking hazards for our under-3 crowd. We settled on some little cube gummy things, which I showed to our basement tenant, who speaks fluent Chinese, just to ensure I made an okay stab in the dark. I had also intended to get some white Chinese lanterns and sadly they were out of the specific ones I wanted.


The stop today was up North to Home Cake Decorating Supply Co. in the Maple Leaf neighborhood. I first heard of this place on Not Martha, when she posted about finding mini cupcake papers here and loving this store. From there I also found a great older post from another blog called Seattle Bon Vivant which gave a lot more insight into the hoards of resources at this store. And hoards is right. There were just piles and piles of awesome baking and decorating stuff. I almost broke down and bought the mini-cupcake pans and many beautiful little cupcake wrappers and a silicone baking mat. I refrained, purchasing only the items on my list. They have piles and boxes of different types of sprinkles, which was my main item of interest from this store. I ended up with something slightly different than what I originally had in mind, but I didn’t know you could get sprinkles that look like glitter. Or tiny pearl balls. Or anything other than the stuff I am used to finding at Safeway. They had ribbon too, so I saved a trip to a craft store. If you get a chance, do go here, just be prepared to spend some time digging. There are many treasures to be found, but also many cheap cliche decorating items (like plastic balloons and clown heads to stab in frosting, which we ended up having to buy because Araiya handed one to Tallis who pulled a few plastic balloons off)


Now I can’t wait for this weekend. I love parties! If only I were this motivated to clean my house in preparation too.


~ by gdesign on March 25, 2008.

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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

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