Easter seemed odd this year. It came early. It snuck up on us. We did next to nothing to prepare anything fun for the family. That is, until Saturday night at 10, when we were still up working on a project submittal and I decided to dye Easter eggs. I had seen several posts and recipes elsewhere about dying eggs with food, which I have wanted to try. So a little Google-ing and I set to work boiling blueberries, beets, water and white vinegar into a dye. I colored them Grey, as is to be expected. But also because we had a huge bag of frozen blueberries and some leftover roasted beets that were about to go bad. It took about an hour to prepare the dye then I let the eggs soak overnight so they would get good and dark.


Sunday morning, we decided last minute to not go to church, as Tallis and Matt are both really sick again. My daily migraine kicked in 10 minutes before 11 and was the worst one yet. So rather we laid low, festering in our continuing illnesses. Araiya is the only ‘healthy’ one. I am really glad I had the Easter Eggs prepared. After pancake breakfast, we set her to work finding all of our cleverly hidden eggs in the living room. She had such fun running around the living room, laughing her head off finding eggs!

dsc_7031 dsc_7027

dsc_7029 dsc_7025

After all 6 eggs were found, she and Tallis holed up in their tent and ate three of them. The rest of the pictures from our fun, rainy morning are over at Flickr.


~ by gdesign on March 24, 2008.

One Response to “Easter”

  1. Cool eggs. Where is the orange one?

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