Lions vs. Lambs

End of the first half and it seems the GreyNastyWetCold continues to have a strong hold this month. Editing photos this morning reinforced these fluctuations of polarity in weather. This is a taste of Yesterday, when we spent the afternoon at the park. In the sun. A far cry for the dreary dripping of rain down our windows today. When is this going to be over already?


dsc_6827 dsc_6828 dsc_6829


I’m just getting a feeling, maybe it’s the buds forming on the fruit trees out back or the bulbs beginning to emerge from the ground or new green shoots of grass popping up, but I think Spring is just about ready for some major power plays. At least I have my money on meek little Lamby stepping up here and turning the game around. Or maybe that is just my wishful thinking, as this is likely my third is it Spring yet? post. Can you tell I am just over it? Winter needs to exit stage left. Pronto.


~ by gdesign on March 13, 2008.

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