Scheming for the 415


This is the funkified space we assume was meant to be used as a dining room. It is at the back of the house, right behind me is the kitchen. Currently, it is pretty unfunctional to have a long table, circulation, and the fireplace (which as an open wood burning insert at the back of the house is more of an energy liability than heat source). One of the big goals for this house is to open this space up and celebrate the connection to the wonderful exterior space we (*will*) have.


So #1, the fireplace is coming out. Oddly, there is about Four Feet of hollow space behind the firebox that we want to reclaim and use to make this space longer. I am just hoping there are no bodies hidden back there or other such surprises we may find when we demo. The door next to the fireplace goes into the Master Bedroom. That wall will get pushed back to the mysterious exterior wall behind the fireplace, allowing a more private entrance into the Master, rather than it opening out directly onto the dining area. So now the room will be elongated and more versatile to better suit a long formal dining table or a smaller family table. Both corners will be punched out with glass. Where the existing windows are will be replaced with corner sliders, so that whole Southwest corner can open up to the deck and yard. Behind the fireplace will be a corner picture window and glass door. The remaining wall space retains logical area for a dining table or credenza. The biggest thing is to increase physical and visual access to the outdoors. This room now becomes a wonderful open sunroom.



Then from the exterior, it translates into these beautifully juxtaposed open corners, which along with re-siding the whole house with non-traditional materials, creates an uber-cool modernist inner-city retreat where the indoors spill outdoors.


So that is our latest dreaming and scheming. It has a long ways to go before we rip into anything, but it is nice to formalize a vision and game plan. Because it is so inextricably tied to the renovations we are doing this Spring in the backyard, it has been wise to look at these spaces holistically in context of the vision for the whole house. I am eager to get going on all of this, it is just plain exciting to look at what is here now and know what it will become.

And FYI- the above digital modeling was done in Free Google Sketchup, which you can download here.


~ by gdesign on March 11, 2008.

One Response to “Scheming for the 415”

  1. So, let us know when you start having some cool deck parties! Your house is going to be awesome.

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