lookin’ forward


Spending most of the day today working- I have a big community presentation for a development in West Seattle that needs to go out to print tomorrow. Most of the big stuff is done, now it is the little details of the boards and slide show presentation. Also, I need to finalize the landscape and drainage design for our backyard, which we will be tearing into this week. Yeah! I am so excited to create a usable outdoor space! I plan to show a lot of that process. We had a friend (who is also a certified arborist and fruit tree specialist) come out Sunday to evaluate the trees. He is coming back this week to trim, feed and cut off deadwood as well as take three out, which though sad, will help the remaining 4 have long healthy lives. The 3 getting cut out are in very poor condition and diseased from years of not being taken care of. We will still retain our ‘Orchard’, which I love. Now I can take more exact measurements today and configure the rest of the yard for the excavation and terracing that will start (hopefully) next week.

So because of the upcoming improvements we are undertaking, I changed my header to celebrate. Well, I also ‘trimmed’ some other stuff on the blog, most of which you can’t see, which are long needed improvements. The picture is some beautiful green moss growing at the base of one of our trees. It’s vibrancy reminds me of how much I am looking forward to enjoying the results of our labor and the upcoming warm months. I can’t wait until the yard and deck are done and we can hang out back there. This gives me motivation to get moving with these projects. The goal is to have the yard mostly finished by Tallis’ Birthday, the 1st of April. Stay tuned!


~ by gdesign on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “lookin’ forward”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the yard. Wendy and I are closing in less then two weeks. We can’t wait to jump in and start tearing out walls and (re)creating our place. Good luck finishing up the day’s deadline. Looking forward to seeing the process you guys go through with the yard.

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