Babies [stuff] on the brain

Already I feel behind this time around. Admittedly, I feel a bit more sense of preparedness the more I have planned out ahead of time. Now I am down an entire trimester for which my brain is scrambling to make up for lost time. I don’t think there are any dire needs, per say, but each time and each season we roll through with these kids I find we adapt and change just a little bit, learning from experience what works, what works better and what doesn’t work at all. This time around I am all about what works better. Sure, there is much I can get by without. But in all honesty, now I wouldn’t mind some of those items before I viewed as a bit frivolous- many are just downright good ideas. There has been such a surge of awesome efficient products coming out on the market. My wishful listing:

Like a BellaBand. Good-bye hair tie through the button hole of my jeans. The biggest struggles with clothing during this time is that nothing fits right- even months after. This has been a huge source of frustration for me. And I just bought three new pairs of pants from the Gap because I had lost all my Tallis pregnancy weight. Ironic, right? I would love to not have to stash these all in the closet until next Spring.

Speaking of the Gap, I am set on buying a really darn good pair of dark maternity jeans. Before I had one no-name brand pair with Araiya  (which never fit all that well anyways) that got super worn out, stretch out and damaged from too much wear and abuse (like welding and building our Thesis installation in the metal shop) They were resurrected out of desperation with Tallis and I had a sale-rack pair of stretch Gap jeans which now are riddled with holes along the seams and back pockets from literally being my only pair of decent pants even for months after. This time I am buying a thick solid durable pair, maybe two. And something other than long-sleeved cotton knit tee-shirts, something cute.

To go underneath, these Cesarean Section-specific undies look way better than the pack of high-rise Granny underwear I had to go buy. Because waistbands rubbing on the incision is one of the worst feelings in the world. Although I have never paid nearly $30 for one pair of underwear before.

Both girls slept near us for a good amount of time when they were itty-bitty. When is this Culla Belly prototype (the most awesome modernist co-sleeper I have seen) going to come on the market? Each time I have wanted a co-sleeper, but there are a whole whopping NONE that will work with a platform bed. This design is just simple, beautiful and ingenious. So we have improvised (don’t tell CPS) and both kids slept in a Snuggle Nest (ok product) on top of a cut-down piece of plywood on top of a few Rubbermaid Storage tubs next to the side of our bed. Yea… I know, I know. But it worked. Other people with platform beds must have this same problem, right? I guess just need a woodshop, bendable plywood (or the ability to steam press it), some industrial felt, and a large amount of child-free time.

And speaking of beds, 3 kids will require some near-future reconfiguration of sleeping locations for the girls. We will likely need the crib and nursery for the new baby and will want to move the girls into what is now the guest bedroom. I am thinking pretty long term here, since we have bought so many beds in the last few years. But making sleep work is infinitely important, we have learned that one the hard way. We would like to eventually get the girls into Bunk Beds, but age-wise they are not quite old enough yet. So the ducduc Alex loft bed system is an additive buying process which will last these girls until they go off to college (or beyond). The twin bed and trundle bed can be used from this coming fall until Araiya is 5 or 6, then we get the loft portion to complete the bunk system. Plus it is configurable in many different ways, I like switch-rich and functional furniture pieces. We have been very impressed with the quality of our ducduc crib and the great interaction we have had with the company. We speak pretty loudly with our wallets, I would much rather support a company who’s integrity and ethics shines through in their products, materials and manufacturing than buy a sub-quality, unhealthy product just to save cash.

Then comes transportation. I have found isolation is one of the big factors that work against mom’s who are home with young kids. The easier it is to get out and about, the better, in my opinion. For us that means walking and taking the bus. Two on the bus is a challenge. Three is going to be an extra big challenge. I also much prefer to carry a kid than push a huge stroller. I could probably do a whole post on transportation stuff (hmm, I should). We have collected quite an arsenal of equipment appropriate for different use types. But I have found as my kids have gotten older I would really like a lightweight backpack-style carrier. I absolutely LOVE my Moby Wrap, they are the best for little babies. We have two, so when Matt and I go out together, we carry both kids. But when I am by myself, I just can’t tie one of the kids on my back as securely as when I have help. And I have to re-tie it if the kid wants to get out and in. So I really think I want to get a Beco. I like how versatile and easy they are, not to mention comfy. I am really impressed with the design of the Butterfly. Plus, the metro black is a perfect modernist accessory, since I am not a huge fan of excess decor on the things I wear (though I have to say Beco has the best looking fabric options). Whatever makes movin’ easier!

In the health and safety category, I am thinking I want to completely do away with plastic. We already don’t do plastic toys, but there are dangers in food-serving products too. I think our plastic Nalgene bottles need to get swapped out for some aluminum ones and I would like to do away with plastic baby bottles and rubber nipples. Both girls take a bottle for nap and bedtime. So Araiya in a year since she has stopped nursing completely, sucks on some plastic at least twice a day. I would like to switch to Glass, and there are some really cool glass bottle products out now. Like the Wee-go bottle and the Silikids bottles, each are glass bottles with cool silicone grips to prevent breakage and bumps. And for the newbie, I would love to try out the Adiri Natural Nurser, a bottle system that is as close to a real boob as possible. It has been great to be able to have the girls when they were wee take a bottle every once in a while to allow me a little break.

I am sure I will find more, there is always such cool stuff out there I don’t know about. And more and more cool stuff that isn’t covered in lace or duckies or just plain hideous. So glad we live in this time of baby-product revolution. Anyone else have cool finds?


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  1. i was gifted a pair of these czela bellies and i love them so much i bought some in another color. they are super cute, i know their expensive, but not nearly as much as some specialty things out there. you’ll love them too. you deserve them with another one coming! good luck! – cami

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