We saw it..

Did you?


Araiya’s intrigue in watching the latter part of the lunar eclipse was surprising. I thought she would be rather disinterested. She sat on the chaise lounge in the front window with Matt for nearly a half hour saying over and over, ‘the moon’s coming out.’ We caught the last part of the eclipse, as there were some low clouds shrouding the moon rise when the full eclipse was happening. So we caught the emergence from the Earth’s shadow. Pretty cool.

I took a few pictures, or rather attempted. I couldn’t get any to turn out when the moon had just a sliver of sunlight. Two out of about 15. I really need a much bigger lens and a tripod to shoot stuff like this. Add them on my long Birthday list. This person on Flickr got much better photos of the whole event that are worth checking out.


~ by gdesign on February 21, 2008.

One Response to “We saw it..”

  1. Wendy and I tried half the hills in San Francisco, but the clouds conspired against us. We caought it a little toward the end from the Safeway parking lot in the Marina. I attempted a few photos as well, but wasn’t very successful. Oh well, there’s always 2010. Glad Araiya enjoyed it.

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