Smells like Spring


Can it be? We seem to have emerged from the gray abyss of winter. This weekend has been an utter departure from wet, cold, cloudy. It marks the return of the sun. It has been such a stark and obvious change which permeates all our activities and outlook on the day-to-day. And let’s all hope it holds.

Friday I took the girls downtown, in pouring rain, to replace my driver’s license, which Araiya lost after pilfering through my wallet a few weeks ago. The licensing office had recently moved to an obscure local, which I couldn’t find and wasted the better part of an hour trudging up and down concrete hills drenched with Tallis in the backpack and Araiya fast asleep in the stroller. I had to get a license that day because we went out that night with a few Professors and their classes on a field trip to Seattle from Cal Poly. I didn’t even get carded at the Chapel. The weather left me sour and frustrated from the day’s trials. Saturday I taught skiing and Matt brought the kids up. Slow day, so we left early. But what do you know? The glorious sun came out. Friday and most of Saturday suddenly felt like a hundred years ago. That evening and Sunday afternoon we spent time with Matt’s Brother, Sister and her husband. We headed up to Greenlake, which was jammed packed with people all out taking advantage of the brisk sunlight. It was utterly gorgeous and rejuvenating. Monday I taught skiing again. And what an amazing day it was up there. Slow lesson-wise once again, but 7 of us went out on a women’s (er, plus one guy) clinic and skied hard and fast on the beautiful sun-drenched corduroy. Today I met Matt downtown and we had lunch with the girls at a French Bakery in Pike’s Place Market. Such a simple switch and everything changes.


I feel like so much of the city and the things we so enjoy in the city are waking up from a long hibernation and lethargic dark period. I have been struggling with some health-stuffs. I can’t wait to get out more. To enjoy the back yard. To go to the beach. Matt saw blossom buds on a few trees on a walk with the kid’s yesterday. I have so much going on in my head, so many intentions for us as a family and even posts for this space. There were a thousand instances I wish I was carrying the camera. So many moments and images I wish I had captured of the world I saw around us. Too much for now. Some that I am still working out, some that are still unknowns, some that I need to just find words for. Mostly, I think I just needed Spring to switch on.


~ by gdesign on February 19, 2008.

One Response to “Smells like Spring”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to remember your days here, even without pictures for everything. I don’t remember ever feeling this ready for Spring, either, but I look forward to being able to explore again without the issue of bad weather being too much for the kids.

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