A big, fat Question Mark?

I have to kinda chuckle at my blog’s stats from yesterday. I often get some pretty random search terms that bring viewers to my blog, but this one so far takes the cake. I don’t know if I should feel hurt or proud or what. I got 4 views from the search ‘worst case of stretch marks’ to this post I wrote at the end of my pregnancy with Tallis. Seriously, not that it is possible or that I should, but sometimes I wish I could respond to whomever was looking here. So what did they think? Do I win an award for the worst case of stretch marks? Did you email this out to all your friends so they could laugh? Of course I’m not thinking about this too well through the optimistic side of myself, my questions would stem from the pessimistic, fatalistic me. A real reminder that with the good things that have come from writing this blog and putting myself out there in a public way, comes the negativity, oddity and the just downright confusing. That and all the Viagra spam comments, but luckily those get filtered out.


~ by gdesign on February 15, 2008.

One Response to “A big, fat Question Mark?”

  1. Yes! I do love getting to read the search terms people use…but seriously, some of them are strange. Like “grace+meals+singing” and today’s “funny”. If you google the word “funny” wouldn’t that put my blog at like page 100,504,975? Who is sifting through that many pages on Google???

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