Be my Valentine


Some beautiful orange flowers were left on the table for me this morning. I think someone caught on to my recent orange fetish (perhaps he reads this blog??).

I am a pretty low-key, low-maintenance girl. I don’t wear any makeup most days, I don’t own a purse, the most expensive thing in my closet still cost under $100. I don’t get a thrill out of shopping or anything made by Prada/Gucci/D&G or desire diamonds and jewelry. I am quite content spending less than 3 minutes on my hair and wearing the same three pairs of Keen’s I have owned since college. I don’t expect or really desire a lot of sentimental mushy gifts and gestures. He’s not a super sentimental mushy guy. He doesn’t leave me little love notes in the bathroom or tell me I am beautiful at least 5 times a day. He doesn’t buy me a dozen roses because cut flowers are really just dead flowers. Rather, he does and gets things that are me, because he knows me. He’s not really influenced by the cultural norms that say if you really love her she has to have a sapphire necklace. Not that I would complain if I got a Sapphire necklace, it would be a nice gesture. But how much would I really wear it and enjoy it? He knows me better than that. He knows I would rather have a new pair of Volkl Gotama’s. Not that we are buying either the necklace or ski’s anytime soon, but if given the choice between the two, He wouldn’t give the necklace an ounce of consideration. Often he comes home from work with a bottle of red wine and organic dark chocolate so we can sit and talk over dessert after the kid’s go to bed. And I see that personal consideration extend to our girls, too. Today he is taking them out on a Daddy Date for Sushi Lunch. So this morning I found vibrant orange blossoms in a pot waiting to cheer up my day. One, that assuming I can water regularly and keep alive, will continue to sentimentally remind me of my Husband’s love long after the cheesy expectations of Valentine’s gifting have withered away.

[Edit: I got double the love. Matt brought home a potted red Tulip for me too. Yipee, now one for the living room and one for the kitchen!]



~ by gdesign on February 14, 2008.

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